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The Chaplains of the East India Company

O'Connor, Daniel:
The Chaplains of the East India Company, 1601-1858 / Daniel O'Connor. - London ; New York : Continuum, 2012. - 167 S. : Kt.
ISBN 978-1-4411-7534-2
£ 65,00
DDC: 253.0954

The East India Company's merchants were called Adventurers because they ventured their money in the risky markets of the Spice Islands and the fabulously wealthy Mughal Empire. In another sense also, the Company’s entire 250 years were an adventure, exciting and dangerous, and creating over time, by violence and corruption, an empire. Contrary to the common view, the Company always claimed a Christian identity, hence the chaplains, on their voyages and in their trading 'factories' and garrisons, to guard the morals and morale of their operations. This the chaplains did with varying conviction and success. Forbear of the multinational of today, the Company continues to fascinate, attracting a vast amount of study worldwide as an economic and political phenomenon, an instrument of development, patron of art, and locus of attention in the new-imperial and postcolonial literature. Virtually unnoticed hitherto alongside the seafarers, merchant-adventurers, soldiers and imperialists, and their Indian collaborators, was a succession of educated, mostly young men with a tricky assignment and a distinct angle on all that took place: the chaplains. [Verlagsinformation]

Maps. vi
Acknowledgements. vii
Foreword by Gordon Brown. viii
Introduction. 1
1. Company. 4
2. Voyage. 24
3. Factory. 44
4. City. 70
5. Garrison. 95
6. Empire. 119
Conclusion. 145
Notes. 149
Manuscript soruces. 156
Bibliography. 157
Index. 161

DANIEL O'CONNOR, The Reverend Dr. Daniel O'Connor is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, UK. He is now retired after a career in the Church and in teaching. Daniel O'Connor holds research degrees in Literature and Theology from Durham and St Andrews universities respectively. After teaching for ten years at the University Of Delhi, India, Revd Dr O'Connor went on to do undergraduate and postgraduate teaching at the universities of St Andrews, Open, Birmingham and Edinburgh (all UK). He has held Visiting Lectureships in Delhi, India, NEHU Shillong, India, and at the University of Cambridge, UK.

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