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Missionary Discourses of Difference

Cleall, Esme:
Missionary Discourses of Difference : Negotiating Otherness in the British Empire, 1840-1900 / Esme Cleall. - Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. - xi, 243 S. : Ill. - (Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies)
Hochschulschrift. Teilw. zugl.: London, Univ. College, Diss., 2009 unter dem Titel: Thinking with missionaries : discourses of difference in India and southern Africa, c. 1840-1895
ISBN 978-0-230-29680-0
£ 55,00 / US$ 85,00
DDC 266.02341054

Through their copious published writings, missionaries conveyed their experiences and anxieties about people and cultures they encountered in a much-consumed strand of colonial discourse, that allowed the British public to imagine the remote countries they inhabited. Using research that draws on these writings from missionaries in southern Africa and India, Missionary Discourses of Difference is organised into three important themes of imperial and postcolonial scholarship and major missionary concern: family, sickness and violence. Each thematic section considers both how missionaries represented race, religion, gender and culture and how their thinking was shaped by anxieties about their own experiences. This two-pronged approach allows for a sustained interrogation of the interplay between self and other in missionary writing and probes the limits of inclusion beneath the missionary commitment to universalism. [Verlagsinformation]

List of Illustrations. viii
Acknowledgements. ix
Note on Terminology. xi
Introduction: Difference and Discourse in the British Empire. 1
Part I: Families and Households: Difference and Domesticity
   1. Representing Homes: Gender and Sexuality in Missionary Writing. 29
   2. Re-Making Homes: Ambiguous Encounters and Domestic Transgressions. 48
Part II: Sickness and the Embodiment of Difference
   3. Pathologising Heathenism: Discourses of Sickness and the Rise of Medical Missions. 79
   4. Illness on the Mission Station: Sickness and the Presentation of the ‘Self’. 98
Part III: Violence and Racialisation
   5. Violence and the Construction of the Other. 123
   6. Colonial Violence: Whiteness, Violence and Civilisation. 142
Conclusion: Thinking with Missionaries, Thinking about Difference. 162
Notes. 171
Bibliography. 207
Index. 231

ESME CLEALL studied at the University of Sheffield, UK, before completing a PhD at UCL. She currently teaches Modern History at the University of Liverpool. Her research is on the social and cultural history of Britain and its Empire and the intersections between 'race', 'gender' and 'disability' in colonial thought. Her new project investigates nineteenth-century understandings of deafness. Profile page (Univ. of Sheffield).

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  1. Cleall, Esme (2012).  Missionary Discourses of Difference: Negotiating Otherness in the British Empire, 1840-1900. Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies. xi, 243 S.