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Liebau: Cultural Encounters in India

Liebau, Heike:
Cultural Encounters in India : the Local Co-workers of the Tranquebar Mission, 18th to 19th Centuries / Heike Liebau. Translated from the German by Rekha V. Rajan. - New Delhi : Social Science Press, 2013. - viii, 558 S. : Ill. - (German Writings on India and South Asia)
Einheitssachtitel: Die indischen Mitarbeiter der Tranquebarmission (1706-1845) <engl.>
ISBN 978-81-87358-72-5
Rs. 750,00
US$ 37,20 (D.K. Agencies)
DDC: 266.4109548209033

Cultural Encounters in India: The Local Co-workers of the Tranquebar Mission, 18th to 19th Centuries is an English translation of a German book which has won the Geisteswissenschaften International award for excellence in scholarship. It is now available for the first time to the English speaking world.
   The history of social and religious encounter in 18th century South India is narrated through fascinating biographies and day to day lives of Indian workers who worked in thefirst organised Protestant mission enterprise in India, the Tranquebar Mission (1706-1845). The Mission was originally initiated by the Danish King Friedrich IV, but sustained by religious authorities and mission organisations and supporters in Germany and Britain.
   The book challenges the notion that Christianity in colonial India was basically imposed from the outside. It also questions the approaches to mission history concentrating exclusively on European mission societies. Liebau maintains that the social history of 18th century South India cannot be understood without considering the contributions of the local converts and mission co-workers who played an important role from the very beginning in the context of Tranquebar Mission. [Verlagsinformation]

Engl. Übersetzung von: Liebau, Heike: Die indischen Mitarbeiter der Tranquebarmission (1706-1845) : Katecheten, Schulmeister, Übersetzer / Heike Liebau. - Tübingen : Max Niemeyer Verlag, 2008. - VI, 490 S. - (Hallesche Forschungen ; 26). - ISBN 978-3-484-84026-3 [siehe hier: --> Indologica 21.12.2008: Die indischen Mitarbeiter der Tranquebarmission]

Approaches to an Intermediary Group
1. History of the Tranquebar Mission
2. Local Mission Workers
3. The Hierarchical Structure of the Mission Organization
4. Dialogue and Conflict
5. The Role of Local Mission Employees in Education
6. Women in the Tranquebar Mission
Concluding Observations:
Indian Mission Employees and European-Indian Cultural Contact
Biographies of South Indian country pastors
Illustrations and Maps
Noteon the spelling of Indian terms

HEIKE LIEBAU, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin. Homepage.

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