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Annual Review of South Asian Languages and Linguistics (2009)

Annual Review of South Asian Languages and Linguistics
Annual Review of South Asian Languages and Linguistics : 2009 / Ed. by Rajendra Singh. - Berlin : Mouton de Gruyter, 2009. - viii, 249 S. - (Trends in Linguistics : Studies and Monographs [TiLSM] ; 222)
ISBN 978-3-11-022559-4 (Printausgabe)
EUR 99,95 / US$ 155,00
ISBN 978-3-11-022560-0 (eBook)
EUR 111,00 / US$ 155,00
DOI: 10.1515/9783110225600

South Asia is home to a large number of languages and dialects. Although linguists working on this region have made significant contributions to our understanding of language, society, and language in society on a global scale, there is as yet no recognized international forum for the exchange of ideas amongst linguists working on South Asia.
   The Annual Review of South Asian Languages and Linguistics is designed to be just that forum. It brings together empirical and theoretical research and serves as a testing ground for the articulation of new ideas and approaches which may be grounded in a study of South Asian languages but which have universal applicability. [Verlagsinformation]


General Contributions
- Probal Dasgupta: Strategies and Their Shadows. 3
- Peter Hook and Prashant Pardeshi: A Taxonomy of EAT Expressions in Marathi. 41
- Shakuntala Mahanta: Morpheme-specific Exceptional Processes and Emergent Unmarkedness in Vowel Harmony. 65
Special Contribution: Indian Sign Language (ISL)
- Michael W. Morgan: Typology of Indian Sign Language Verbs from a Comparative Perspective. 103
Regional Reports
The Middle East:
- Fida Bizri: Sinhala in Contact with Arabic: The Birth of a New Pidgin in the Middle East. 135
- Kazuyuki Kiryu and Prashant Pardeshi: Research on South Asian Languages in Japan: 2000–2008. 149
- Andrew Hardie et al.: A Morphosyntactic Categorisation Scheme for the Automated Analysis of Nepali. 171
Reviews. 199
- Luc Baronian: Aspects of Assamese Morphonology Revisited: Reflections on Mahanta. 231
- Pingali Sailaja: Nativeness, Deviance and Ownership: A Response to Singh. 235
Announcements : The Gyandeep Prize / Housekeeping. 245
Notes on Contributors. 247

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