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Journal of Indo-European Studies 2008

The Journal of Indo-European Studies / General editor: J. P. Mallory. - Washington, DC : Institute for the Study of Man.
Erscheinungsverlauf: 1.1973--
ISSN: 0092-2323 (Printausgabe)
Zuletzt erschienen: 36 (2008).

Inhalt: 36 (2008)

David W. Anthony:
A New Approach to Language and Archaeology: The Usatovo Culture and the  Separation of Pre-Germanic. 1
James Carney:
The Pangs of the Ulstermen: An Exchangist Perspective. 52
Guillaume Ducœur:
Passing through Flood Waters in Vedic Thought. 67
John A. C. Greppin:
More Material on the Urartian Substratum in Armenian. 79
Alwin Kloekhorst:
Some Indo-Uralic Aspects of Hittite. 88
Alexander Lubotsky:
Old Phrygian bevdos 'statue, image', Greek βενδος 'woman’s dress'. 96
Connell Monette:
Heroes and Hells in Beowulf, the Shahnameh, and the Táin Bó Cúailnge. 99
Boris Oguibénine:
New Type Word Indexes for Use in Sanskrit Philology. 148
Adrian Poruciuc:
Two Romanian terms (tureci and cioareci) based on Old Germanic designations of leg-coverings. 163
JIES Reviews
Archaeology. 185
Culture. 190
Language. 202
Instructions for Contributors. 266

Quelle: Journal of Indo-European Studies