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Journal of Indo-European Studies 2010

The Journal of Indo-European Studies / General editor: J. P. Mallory. - Vol. 38, No. 1 & 2 (2010). - Washington, DC : Institute for the Study of Man, 2010
ISSN: 0092-2323 (Printausgabe)

Inhalt: 38 (2010)
Barber, E. J. W.:
On Middle Minoan Sites and Sight Lines: Communication Strategies in the Bronze Age Mediterranean. 1
Fournet, Arnaud:
About the Mitanni-Aryan Gods. 26
Fred C. Woudhuizen:
Towards a Chronological Framework for Significant Dialectal Tendencies in Indo-European. 41
Michaël Peyrot:
Proto-Tocharian Syntax and the Status of Tocharian A. 132
Emily West:
A Quartet of Graeco-Aryan Demi-goddesses: Leukothea, Eidothea, Ulūpī and Vargā. 147
Dorian Jurić:
A Call for Functional Differentiation of the South Slavic Vila. 172
Greppin, John A. C.:
Armenian t- 'not' and the Proto-Lezgian Dental Negative. 203
JIES Reviews. 210
The Journal of Indo-European Studies Monograph Series. 244
The Indo-European Language Family: Questions about its Status: Monograph 55. 272
Instructions to Contributors. 273

Quellen: Journal of Indo-European Studies