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Urdu Literary Culture

Farooqi, Mehr Afshan:
Urdu Literary Culture : Vernacular Modernity in the Writing of Muhammad Hasan Askari / Mehr Afshan Farooqi. - New York, NY ; London : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. - XV, 285 S. : Ill. - (Literatures and Cultures of the Islamic World)
ISBN 978-1-13-700902-9
£ 55,00 / US$ 90,00
DDC: 891.439471

The book examines the impact of political circumstances on vernacular (Urdu) literary culture through an in-depth study of the writings of Muhammad Hasan Askari (1919 -78), Urdu's first and finest literary critic. Conceptually, the book melds the perspectives of literary studies and history since Askari's life was lived at the crossroads of early nation formation and the writing of literary and social history, both of which have played a generative role in the organization and articulation of politics in South Asia. The study provides a detailed treatment of the intellectual world that Askari inhabited: colonial and postcolonial India and Pakistan. Complicating an analysis of Askari's life and work is the fact of his living the life of a closeted gay. Farooqi analyzes the ways in which Askari's sexuality filtered through his writing. [Palgrave]

Note from the Editor. ix
Note on Transliteration. xi
Preface. xiii
Introduction. 1
1. Quot Rami Tot Arbores: As Many Branches as Many Trees - The University of Allahabad and Beyond. 15
2. Askari and Firaq: Personal Relations in Life and Letters. 47
3. Fiction, Theory of Fiction, and the Critical View. 75
4. "Jhalkiyan": World Literature, Partition, and Rupture. 103
5. The Illusion of Form and the Power of Tradition. 147
6. Revisiting the Indo-Muslim Consciousness: Askari and Iqbal. 171
7. Resuming the Past: Bright Morning and Foggy Night. 203
Notes. 223
Works Cited. 273
Book Index. 281

MEHR FAROOQI, Assistant Professor of South Asian Literature at the University of Virginia, USA, and editor of The Oxford India Anthology of Modern Urdu Literature. Profile page.

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Farooqi: Urdu Literary Culture, 2012