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Gender, Sex, and the City

Vanita, Ruth:
Gender, Sex, and the City : Urdu Reḵẖtī Poetry in India, 1780-1870 / Ruth Vanita. - New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. - xii, 296 S. - (Literatures and Cultures of the Islamic World)
ISBN 978-0-230-34064-0
£ 52,00 / US$ 90,00
DDC: 891.43910099287

This book explores the urban, cosmopolitan sensibilities of Urdu poetry written in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries in Lucknow, which was the center of a flourishing Indo-Islamic culture. Ruth Vanita analyzes Rekhti, a type of Urdu poetry distinguished by a female speaker and a focus on women's lives, and shows how it became a catalyst for the transformation of the love poem. [Verlagsinformation]

Note from the Editor. ix
Acknowledgments. xi
List of Abbreviations. xiii
Introduction. 1
1. Women in the City: Fashioning the Seif. 41
2. Eloquent Parrots: Gender and Language. 75
3. Servants, Vendors, Artisans: The City's Many Voices. 97
4. Neither Straight nor Crooked: Love and Friendship in the City. 115
5. Playfully Speaking: Transforming Literary Convention. 145
6. "I'm a Real Sweetheart": Masculinity and Male-Male Desire. 175
7. Styling Urban Glamour: Courtesan and Poet. 189
8. Camping It Up: Jān Ṣāḥib and His School. 213
9. A Poetics of Play: Hybridity, Difference, Modernity. 233
Conclusion: The Eternal City: Pasts and Futures. 255
Notes. 259
Glossary. 279
Bibliography. 283
Index. 293

RUTH VANITA, Visiting Professor in the South Asia Language Area Center at the University of Chicago, USA. Wikipedia [en].

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Vanita: Gender, Sex, and the City, 2012