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Origins and Migrations in the Extended Eastern Himalayas

Huber, Toni [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
Origins and migrations in the extended eastern Himalayas / ed. by Toni Huber and Stuart Blackburn. - Leiden [u.a.] : Brill, 2012. - VIII, 336 S. : Ill., graph. Darst., Kt. - (Brill's Tibetan studies library ; 16,4)
ISBN 978-90-04-22691-3
EUR 99,00 / US$ 136,00
DDC: 954.96

Origins and migration are core elements in the histories, identities and stories of Tibeto-Burman-speaking populations in the extended eastern Himalayas, a region stretching from eastern Nepal through Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and the hill tracts surrounding Assam, to upland Southeast Asia and southwest China.
   This book is the first to bring together contemporary research on Tibeto-Burman-speaking hill peoples in this region and the only multi-disciplinary study of the closely related topics of origins and migration in this part of Asia, presenting current research by anthropologists, folklorists, linguists and historians. Through a series of case studies on local and regional populations, the contributors explore origins and migration in relation to theoretical and methodological approaches, language, identity and narrative. [Verlagsinformation]

List of Illustrations
Toni Huber and Stuart Blackburn:
Geoff Childs:
Trans-Himalayan Migrations as Processes, Not Events: Towards a Theoretical Framework
Martin Gaenszle:
Where the Waters Dry Up - The Place of Origin in Rai Myth and Ritual
Robbins Burling:
Where did the Question ‘Where did My Tribe Come From?’ Come From?
Alexander Aisher:
Coevolving with the Landscape? Migration Narratives and the Environmental History of the Nyishi Tribe in Upland Arunachal Pradesh
Toni Huber:
Micro-Migrations of Hill Peoples in Northern Arunachal Pradesh: Rethinking Methodologies and Claims of Origins in Tibet
Stuart Blackburn:
Apatani Ideas and Idioms of Origins
Kerstin Grothmann:
Migration Narratives, Official Classifications, and Local Identities: The Memba of the Hidden Land of Pachakshiri
Mark W. Post:
The Language, Culture, Environment and Origins of Proto-Tani Speakers: What is Knowable, and What is Not (Yet)
George van Driem:
Glimpses of the Ethnolinguistic Prehistory of Northeastern India
Marion Wettstein:
Origin and Migration Myths in the Rhetoric of Naga Independence and Collective Identity
F. K. L. Chit Hlaing:
Oral Histories and the ‘Origins’ of Current Peoples: Dynamic Ethnogenesis, with Remarks upon the Limitations of Language-Family Subgrouping
Mandy Sadan:
Cords and Connections: Ritual and Spatial Integration in the Jinghpaw Cultural Zone
Charles F. McKhann:
Origin and Return: Genesis and the Souls of the Dead in Naxi Myth and Ritual
Koen Wellens:
Migrating Brothers and Party-State Discourses on Ethnic - Origin in Southwest China

TONI HUBER Ph.D. (1993), is Professor of Tibetan Studies at the Humboldt University, Berlin. His extensive publications on the anthropology and cultural history of Tibetan societies include The Cult of Pure Crystal Mountain (Oxford, 1999) and The Holy Land Reborn (Chicago, 2007). Profile page.
STUART BLACKBURN is Senior Research Associate at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. His most recent publications include Himalayan Tribal Tales: Oral Tradition and Culture in the Apatani Valley (Brill, 2008) and The Sun Rises: A Shaman's Chant, Ritual Exchange and Fertility in the Apatani Valley (Brill, 2010). Profile page.

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