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Sacred Geography of Goddesses in South Asia

Singh, Rana P. B. [Hrsg.]:
Sacred geography of goddesses in South Asia : essays in memory of David Kinsley / editor, Rana P.B. Singh. - Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010. - xviii, 394 S. : Ill., Kt. - (Planet Earth & cultural understanding ; 5)
ISBN 978-1-4438-1865-0 / 1-4438-1865-8 (hbk.)
£ 49,99 / US$ 74,99
DDC: 203.50954

This book consists of thirteen essays that deal with links between ecology and shamanism, landscape and nature spirit, emphasising web of meanings imbued in the cultural tradition of portraying landscape as temple and territory as archetypal representation of the cosmos. In view of appreciating the path in this direction paved by David Kinsley, this anthology is a memorial tribute to him by his students, friends, associates and admirers, including an essay that critically and rationally examined his contributions and their relevance today. Of course, there are books on the thematic or disciplinary-packed orientation, however rarely any interdisciplinary book that narrates many perspectives and facets around sacred geography of goddesses is published. This anthology fulfils that gap substantially, through the essays by scholars from religious studies, geography, anthropology and cultural studies. [Verlagsinformation]

Dedication to David Kinsley. ix
List of Tables. xiii
List of Figures. xiv
Acknowledgements. xvii
Rana P.B. Singh:
INTRODUCTION: Visioning Sacred Geography: Remembering David Kinsley. 1
1. Richard Mann:
The Legacy of David R. Kinsley: Appraising his Contributions. 17
2. Rana P.B. Singh & Ravi S. Singh:
Sacred Places of Goddesses in India: Spatiality and Symbolism. 45
3. Annette Wilke:
Mental Journeys, Cosmic Geography and Intermediary Space: Shrichakra and Shrichakrapuja. 79
4. Georgana Foster & Robert Stoddard:
Vaishno Devi, the most famous goddess shrine in the Siwāliks. 109
5. Amita Sinha:
Cultural Landscape of the Mother Goddess at Pāvāgadh. 125
6. Laura K. Amazzone:
The Ashta Mātrikās: Mandalic Mothers of Bhaktapur, Nepal. 143
7. Claudia Ramasso:
Some Notes on the Kāmākhya Pitha. 163
8. Ravi S. Singh:
Goddess Chinnamastā at Rajarappa. 181
9. Rana P.B. Singh:
Sacred geography of Vindhyāchal goddess territory. 211
10. Rana P.B. Singh, Ravi S. Singh and Pravin S. Rana:
Hindu Goddesses in Kāshi: Spatial Patterns and Symbolic Orders. 249
11. Xenia Zeiler:
The Emergence and Negotiations of contemporary pilgrimages in Banāras: The Dasha Mahāvidyā Yātrā. 307
12. Hillary Rodrigues:
Durgā-ji: Sacred Abode of the Great Goddess in Varanasi. 329
13. Kelly D. Alley:
The Dirtying of the River Goddess Gangā. 351
14. Jyoti Rohilla:
Green Tārā in the Wall Paintings of Alchi. 371
The Contributors. 387
Index. 389
The Editor. 395

Gefeierte Persönlichkeit

DAVID R. KINSLEY (1939-2000) had taught at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, since 1969. He has written eight books on goddesses, ecology and religion, healing and religion, and Hinduism.

RANA P.B. SINGH, Professor of Cultural Geography & Heritage Studies at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (India). He has published extensively on geographical thought, sacred geography, pilgrimage studies and heritage planning in India. His publications include 35 books and anthologies and over 180 research papers.

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