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Sears: Worldly Gurus and Spiritual Kings

Sears, Tamara I.:
Worldly Gurus and Spiritual Kings : Architecture and Asceticism in Medieval India / Tamara I. Sears. - New Haven, Conn. [u.a.] : Yale University Press, 2014. - xiii, 284 S. : Ill., Kt.
ISBN 978-0-300-19844-7
US$ 75,00
DDC: 720.954

This pioneering book is the first full-length study of the matha, or Hindu monastery, which developed in India at the turn of the first millennium. Rendered monumentally in stone, the matha represented more than just an architectural innovation: it signaled the institutionalization of asceticism into a formalized monastic practice, as well as the emergence of the guru as an influential public figure. With entirely new primary research, Tamara I. Sears examines the architectural and archaeological histories of six little-known monasteries in Central India and reveals the relationships between political power, religion, and the production of sacred space. This important work of scholarship features scrupulous original measured drawings, providing a vast amount of new material and a much-needed contribution to the fields of Asian art, religious studies, and cultural history. In introducing new categories of architecture, this book illuminates the potential of buildings to reconfigure not only social and ritual relationships but also the fundamental ontology of the world. [Verlagsinformation]

Preface and Acknowledgments. ix
A Note on Translation, Transliteration, and Dates. xv
Introduction: Encountering the Monastery. 1
1. In Search of "Drunken Peacocks": Mapping Monastic Histories from Forest to State. 27
2. Inscribing Asceticism: Epigraphic Practices and the Materiality of Text. 45
3. From Hermit's Hut to Guru's Mansion: Ascetic Practice and Monastic Life at Kadwāhā and Ranod. 73
4. Expanding Arenas of Devotion: Temple Icons and Living Sages at Terāhī and Surwāyā. 129
5. Constructing the Guru: Monastic Networks in the Kingdom of the Kalachuris. 187
Epilogue: The Legacy of the Drunken Peacocks. 231
Notes. 247
Index. 277


TAMARA I. SEARS is assistant professor of South Asian art and architectural history at Yale University. Profile page.

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