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Language, Grammar and Linguistics in Indian Tradition

Jha, V[ashishtha] N[arayan] (Hrsg.):
Language, Grammar and Linguistics in Indian Tradition / ed. by V. N. Jha. - New Delhi : Project of History of Indian Science, Philosophy and Culture, Centre for Studies in Civilizations (Distributed by Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers), 2010. - xxx, 421 S. - (History of Indian science, philosophy and culture in Indian civilization ; 6,4)
ISBN 978-81-87586-43-2 / 81-87586-43-5
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Preface / V.N. Jha
General introduction / D.P. Chatopadhyaya
1. Introduction / V.N. Jha
2. Concept of language in Sanskrit tradition / V.N. Jha
3. Philosophy of language / V.N. Jha
4. Bhartṛhari's philosophy of language / Mithilesh Chaturvedi
5. Study of language / V.N. Jha
6. From speaker's point of view: how does one speak? / V.N. Jha
7. From listener's point of view: how does one understand a sentence? / V.N. Jha
8. Two aspects of language: form and content / V.N. Jha
9. Preservation of form: Vedic texts / V.N. Jha
10. Techniques of preservation (modes of recitation) / V.N. Jha
11. Śākalya: the Padakara of the Ṛgveda / V.N. Jha
12. Śākalya and Pāṇini / V.N. Jha
13. Emergence of Sanskrit linguistics / V.N. Jha
14. Juncture-feature as shown by Śākalya / V.N. Jha
15. Grammatical significance of the symbols 'S' (Avagraha) 'I' (Daṇḍa) in the Padapāṭha / V.N. Jha
16. Significance of the term Pada in he Padapāṭha / V.N. Jha
17. The principles of immediate constituent analysis and isolation of items in the complex forms / V.N. Jha
18. Śākalya's theory of Avasāna-Sandhi / V.N. Jha
19. Cast-terminations and their treatment / V.N. Jha
20. Perfect participate suffix: Vams and its treatment in the Ṛgveda Padapāṭha / V.N. Jha
21. The treatment of iva-compounds in the Ṛgveda Padapāṭha / V.N. Jha
22. Iti-Karana device in Ṛgveda Padapāṭha / V.N. Jha
23. Pre-Pāṇinian Tradition of grammar and linguistics / Hukam Chand Patyal
24. Pāṇinian tradition of grammar and linguistics / Rama Nath Sharma
25. Language description in Pāṇini / Avanindra Kumar
26. Post-Pāṇinian traditions of grammar and linguistics / Karuna Sindhu Das
27. Preservation of content / V.N. Jha
28. Science of etymology / Hukum Chand Patyal
29. Science of lexicography / Hukum Chand Patyal
30. Science of sentence interpretation / Ujjwala Jha
31. Types of language / V.N. Jha
32. Ordinary language / V.N. Jha
33. Scientific language / V.N. Jha
34. Language of art / V.N. Jha
35. Meta-language / V.N. Jha
36. Linguistic communication models / V.N. Jha
37. Communication through ordinary language / V.N. Jha
38. Communication through language of art / V.N. Jha
39. Development of artificial language (Navya Nyaya Language) / V.N. Jha
40. Resume / V.N. Jha
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Index of Sanskrit terms

VASHISHTHA NARAYAN JHA (*1946). Since 1987 he is the Professor and Director of Centre for Advanced Study in Sanskrit, University of Poona.

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