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Beyond Hatti

Collins, Billy Jean [u.a.] [Hrsg.]
Beyond Hatti : a Tribute to Gary Beckman / edited by Billie Jean Collins and Piotr Michalowski. - Atlanta : Lockwood Press, 2013. - xxvii, 367 S. : Ill.
ISBN 978-1-937040-11-6
US$ 70,00
DDC: 410

This collection of essays honors the life and work of Gary Beckman on the occasion is his 65th birthday on August 22, 2013. The essays were contributed by his colleagues, students, and friends, and their breadth—traversing Anatolia, Syria, Mesopotamia, and beyond—are a measure of the range of his influence as a scholar, teacher, and editor, and in recognition of his deep learning, broad intellectual interests, and his generous dedication to teaching. His interest in the reception and adaptation of Syro-Mesopotamian culture by the Hittites in particular inspired this tribute. [Verlagsinformation]

Alfonso Archi:
The West Hurrian Pantheon and Its Background. 1
Mary R. Bachvarova:
Adapting Mesopotamian Myth in Hurro-Hittite Rituals at Hattuša: IŠTAR, the Underworld, and the Legendary Kings. 23
Joel P. Brereton
The Ṛgvedic Ghoṣā Hymns and the Atirātra. 45
Billie Jean Collins:
The Place of KBo 13.145 in the Hantitaššu Text Tradition. 63
Marjorie Fisher:
A Diplomatic Marriage in the Ramesside Period: Maathorneferure, Daughter of the Great Ruler of Hatti. 75
Benjamin R. Foster:
Albert T. Clay and His Babylonian Collection. 121
Harry A. Hoffner, Jr.:
"The King's Speech": Royal Rhetorical Language. 137
Stephanie W. Jamison:
Sanskrit Riddle in Three Movements Rig Veda V.84. 155
H. Craig Melchert:
Luvian Language in "Luvian" Rituals in Hattuša. 159
Piotr Michalowski:
The Steward of Divine Gudea and His Family in Ur III Girsu. 173
Alice Mouton:
Le rituel d'Alli d'Arzawa contre un ensorcellement (CTH 402): une nouvelle edition. 195
Elizabeth E. Payne:
Accounting for Gold in a Period of Unrest. 231
Carole Roche-Hawley and Robert Hawley:
An Essay on Scribal Families, Tradition, and Innovation in Thirteenth-Century Ugarit. 241
Jack M. Sasson:
Prologues and Poets: On the Opening Lines of the Gilgamesh Epic. 265
Brian B. Schmidt:
The Social Matrix of Early Judean Magic and Divination: From "Top Down" or "Bottom Up"? 279
Piotr Steinkeller:
The Umma Field Ušgida and the Question of GARšana's Location. 295
Claudia E. Suter:
The Divine Gudea on Ur III Seal Images. 309
Terry G. Wilfong:
Dig Dogs and Camp Cats at Karanis: The Animals of the 1924-1935 University of Michigan Expedition to Egypt. 325
Gernot Wilhelm:
Texts and Royal Seals of the Middle Hittite Period from the "House of the Chief of the Guards" at Hattušaš. 343

Gefeierte Person

GARY BECKMAN, Professor of Hittite and Mesopotamian Studies, University of Michigan. Profile page. (Bildquelle: The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

BILLIE JEAN COLLINS is an instructor in Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies at Emory University and author of The Hittites and their World (SBL 2007). Profile page.
PIOTR MICHALOWSKI is George G. Cameron Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations at the University of Michigan. He is editor of the Journal of Cuneiform Studies and has authored several monographs, most recently The Correspondence of the Kings of Ur: An Epistolary History of an Ancient Mesopotamian Kingdom (Eisenbrauns 2011). Homepage. Profile page.

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Bildquelle: Lockwood Press; The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
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