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Indo-Europeanization - Day One

Haarmann, Harald:
Indo-Europeanization - Day One : Elite recruitment and the beginnings of language politics / Harald Haarmann. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 2012. - VIII, 174 S. : Ill. - (Eurolinguistische Arbeiten ; 6)
ISBN 978-3-447-06717-1
EUR 48,00
DDC: 410
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Introduction: Power relations as an arbiter of Indo-Europeanization. 1
1. The prehistory of power relations: The two Neolithic transitions and the rise of early pastoralism. 11
2. The Indo-European complex: Its formation in the wider landscape of Eurasia. 27
3. Indo-European identities: Ethnic markers and the fabric of hierarchical society. 43
4. Palaeoclimate and ecological changes: What triggered the steppe people’s out-migration? 75
5. Varna as trade center in the Old European oecumene: The lure of wealth. 87
6. The Varna event c. 4500 B.C.E.: The steppe people’s takeover, élite recruitment and its consequences for language spread. 95
7. Processes of acculturation and linguistic fusion among the Palaeo-European population. 119
8. The legitimization of political power through myth: Mystifying the role of ethnos and language in Greek society. 135
9. Roman statehood and the Etruscan connection: The pragmatism of language as an instrument of political power. 143
Epilogue: Language, political power and the fabric of eurocentricity. 151
Bibliography. 161
List of maps and figures. 173


HARALD HAARMANN, Vice President of the Institute of Archaeomythology. Member of the research team of the “Research Centre on Multilingualism,” Brussels. Member of the EU scientific committee supervising “Euromosaic III” (for documentation of regional languages and cultures in the new EU member states), 2004. Profile page.

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