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Asvalayana-Samhita of the Rgveda

Chaubey, Braj Bihari (Hrsg.):
Āśvalāyanaśākhīyā Ṛgvedasaṃhitā padapāṭhayutā [Devanagari-Schr.] = Āśvalāyana-Saṃhitā of the Ṛgveda : with Padapāṭha / ed. by B. B. Chaubey. - Vol. 1-2. - New Delhi : Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, 2009. - xxiv, 148, 673 S. (vol. 1: Maṇḍala 1-5); x, 942, 172 S. (vol. 2: Maṇḍala 6-10).
Einheitssachtitel: Ṛgveda <Sanskrit, engl., Hindi>
ISBN 978-81-85503-17-2 / 81-85503-17-6
Rs. 2500,00
US$ 54,35 (Eastern Book Corp.)
US$ 108,11 (Biblia Impex)
US$ 125,00 (D.K. Printworld)
US$ 250,20 (Bagchee)

Among the twenty-one Śākhā-Saṃhitās of the Rigveda, as mentioned by Patañjali, only seven Saṃhitās were known by name and among these too, only one Śakala-Saṃhitā was available in printed form so far. Now with the publication of the present editon of the Āśvalāyana-Saṃhitā a complete picture of a new Śākhā-Saṃhitā will come to fore for the first time. In comparison to the Śakala-Saṃhitā, the Āśvalāyana-Saṃhitā has 212 additional mantras among which some occur in the common sūktas and others form 16 additional complete sūktas. Among these additional sūktas special mention may be made of Kapiñjala-sūkta (II.44), Lakṣmī-sūkta (V.88-89), Pavamāna-sūkta (IX.68), Hiraṇya-sūkta (X.130), Medha-sūkta (X.155) and Mānasa-sūkta (X.171).
   The book in two volumes presents the full text of the Āśvalāyana Saṃhitā of the Rigveda with padapāṭha, marked with proper accent marks. The additional mantras of the Āśvalāyana Saṃhitā followed by their translation in English and Hindi are also provided at the end of the Saṃhitā text.
   In a detailed introduction of the text the learned editor has examined the existence of Śākhā-Saṃhitās of the Rigveda as mentioned by the Purāṇas, Patañjali, Mahīdāsa and other authorities, scrutinising textual evidence in support of them. The focus is, however, on the Āśvalāyana-Saṃhitā, with a background on Ācārya Āśvalāyana and exploring the antiquity, treatment of accent and padapāṭha of the text by referring to various sources. [D.K. Printworld]

1. Evolution of Saṃhitā-Literature
2. Śākhā-Saṃhitās of the Rigveda
3. Textual Evidence in Support of the Śākhā-Saṃhitās
    (i) Śakala-Saṃhitā
    (ii) Bahvṛca-Saṃhitā
    (iii) Māṇḍukeya-Saṃhitā
    (iv) Bāṣkala-Saṃhitā
    (v) Śāṅkhāyana-Saṃhitā
4. Personality of Āśvalāyana
5. Works of Āśvalāyana
    (i) Āśvalāyana-Śrautasūtra
    (ii) Āśvalāyana-Grhysūtra
    (iii) Aitareya-Āraṇyaka (4th and 5th Chapters)
6. Existence of the Āśvalāyana-Saṃhitā
7. Editions of the Khilas
8. Existence of the MSS of the AshvS
9. Antiquity and authenticity of the Additional Ṛks of the AshvS
    (i) Additional Ṛks occurring in the common Sūktas
    (ii) Complete additional Sūktas occurring in the AshvS
10. Treatment of Accent in the AshvS.
11. Padapāṭha of the AshvS.
12 An account of MSS of the AshvS and Padapāṭha utilized for the present Edition
    (i) Saṃhitā-Text
    (ii) Padapāṭha-Text
Textual variants in the AshvS with regard to the additional mantras recorded from MSS, Khilas and other texts
Translation of the Additional Mantras of the AshvS
Index I: Word-Index of the Additional Mantras
Index II: Mantra-Index of AshvS

Quellen: Bagchee; D.K. Printworld; Eastern Book Corp.; Biblia Impex.

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