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Srauta Prayogaklpti

Chaubey, Braj Bihari [Hrsg.]:
Śrauta Prayogakḷpti of Ācārya Śivaśroṇa / critically ed. by Braj Bihari Chaubey. - New Delhi : National Mission for Manuscripts ; D. K. Printworld, 2011. - xl, 84, 91 S. - (Kṛtibodha ; 2)
ISBN 978-93-80829-00-5
Rs. 250,00
US$ 12,50 (D.K. Printworld)
US$ 22,50 (K.K. Agencies)
DDC: 294.538; 294.5921

The Prayogaklpti, as its nomenclature indicates, is a Shrauta-Prayoga-text, dealing with the sequence and procedures of the Shrauta-sacrifices, viz. Agnyadheya, Darshapurnamasyeshti, Chaturmasya, Pashubandha, Jyotishtoma and Agnishtoma in six Prapathakas respectively, as prevalent in the Vadhula tradition. The author of the text is Acarya Shivashrona, a versatile exponent of the Shrauta tradition. At places he explains many technical ritualistic terms in accordance with their usage in the Vadhula tradition. He gives very much stress on the performance of the rituals with accuracy in accordance with the Vadhula tradition, after having consultation with experts in this matter. He often quotes the views of other Acharyas not by names but using the phrases like iti kecit, ityanye, ityeke, and so on.
   This text has been edited for the first time on the basis of three MSS deposited in the Government Oriental Manuscript Library, Chennai; Adyar Library, Chennai; and Oriental Institute, M.S. University, Baroda, by an eminent Vedic Scholar like Prof. B.B. Chaubey who has already edited many other texts of this tradition like Vadhula-Shrautasutra, Vadhula-Anvakhyana, Vadhula Kalpagamavrttirahasya, Vadhula-Yajnaprayashcitta, Vadhula-Smriti and also the Ashvalayana Samhita of the Rigveda for the first time.
   The text is appended with three important indexes, viz. glossary of technical terms, mantras quoted in the text, and complete word-index. [D.K. Printworld]

Scheme of Transliteration
   1. Background
   2. Critical Apparatus Used for the Present Edition
   3. Nature of the MSS
   4. Nomenclature of the text
   5. Authorship of the Text
   6. Nature of the Text
   7. Arrangement and Division of the Text
   8. Contents of the Text
   9. Some salient features of the Text
Text of the Śrauta Prayogakḷpti
   1. Prastāvanā
   2. Puroḍāśī
   3. Cāturmāsyāni
   4. Paśor yajñam
   5. Jyotiṣṭoma
   6. Agniṣṭoma
Index I: Vyākhyāt-paribhāṣikāpādanāmānukramaṇī
Index II: Uddhṛtamantrānukramaṇī
Index III: Uddhṛtapadānukramaṇī

Quellen: D.K. Printworld; National Mission for Manuscripts; K.K. Agencies