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Indian Toponyms in Ancient Greek and Latin Texts

Pollet, Gilbert [u.a.]:
Indian Toponyms in Ancient Greek and Latin Texts / by G. Pollet & G. van Damme. (Map ed.: F. Depuydt). - Leuven [u.a.] : Peeters, 2014. - XIV, 85 S. : zahlr. Kt. - (Corpus topographicum Indiae antiquae ; 3) (Orientalia Lovaniensia analecta : OLA ; 228)
ISBN 978-90-429-2913-5
EUR 95,00
DDC: 912.32

Volume III of the Corpus Topographicum Indiae Antiquae deals with Indian toponyms in ancient Greek and Latin texts. Anyone who is interested in ancient Greeks and Romans and their contacts with India and Sri Lanka is faced with the inconvenience of the vague location of places as well as the often arbitrary spelling of the names.
The present monograph fills the gap. It consists of an alphabetical index and an atlas.The data in this volume is compiled from Diodorus, Strabo, Pomponius Mela, Quintus Curtius, Plinius Maior, Periplus, Arrianus, Ptolemaios, Kosmas Indicopleustes, in chronological order. Each entry is followed by a reference to the ancient work and to modern authors dealing with it. The index contains the names with their synonyms, variant spelling and essential notes regarding their identification and location. A system of cross-references interlinks synonymous toponyms.
In order to complete the link between the place-names and their exact location it proved useful to appendix a set of gridded maps (33). Places are plotted on the maps. For the orthography as well as for the location of the names the authority of the Survey of India was adopted.
The index and atlas form an indispensable research and work tool for all interested in ancient toponyms and in their identification and location. [Verlagsinformation]

Preface. IX
Introduction. XI
   1. Sources compiled. XI
   2. Reference to maps. XI
   3. Abbreviations. XI
   4. Bibliography. XI
Index. 1
Atlas. 21


GILBERT POLLET (1930-2014), Professor emeritus, KU Leuven.

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