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Free Will, Agency, and Selfhood in Indian Philosophy

Dasti, Matthew R. [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
Free Will, Agency, and Selfhood in Indian Philosophy / ed. by Matthew R. Dasti and Edwin F. Bryant. - New York : Oxford University Press, 2014. - xvi, 312 S.
ISBN 978-0-19-992273-4
US$ 99,00 / £ 70,00 (Hardback)
ISBN 978-0-19-992275-8
US$ 35,00 / £ 25,00 (Paperback)
DDC: 126.0954

Indian thought is well known for diverse philosophical and contemplative excursions into the nature of selfhood. Led by Buddhists and the yoga traditions of Hinduism and Jainism, Indian thinkers have engaged in a rigorous analysis and reconceptualization of our common notion of self. Less understood is the way in which such theories of self intersect with issues involving agency and free will; yet such intersections are profoundly important, as all major schools of Indian thought recognize that moral goodness and religious fulfillment depend on the proper understanding of personal agency. Moreover, their individual conceptions of agency and freedom are typically nodes by which an entire school's epistemological, ethical, and metaphysical perspectives come together as a systematic whole.
   Free Will, Agency, and Selfhood in Indian Philosophy explores the contours of this issue, from the perspectives of the major schools of Indian thought. With new essays by leading specialists in each field, this volume provides rigorous analysis of the network of issues surrounding agency and freedom as developed within Indian thought. [Verlagsinformation]

Acknowledgments. xi
Contributors. xiii
Introduction. 1
1. Edwin F. Bryant:
Agency in Sāṃkhya and Yoga: The Unchangeability of the Eternal. 16
2. Karin Meyers:
Free Persons, Empty Selves: Freedom and Agency in Light of the Two Truths. 41
3. Christopher Key Chapple:
Free Will and Voluntarism in Jainism. 68
4. George Cardona:
Pāṇinian Grammarians on Agency and Independence. 85
5. Matthew R. Dasti:
Nyāya's Self as Agent and Knower. 112
6. Elisa Freschi:
Freedom Because of Duty: The Problem of Agency in Mīmāṃsā. 137
7. Jay L. Garfield:
Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose: Freedom, Agency and Ethics for Mādhyamikas. 164
8. Sthaneshwar Timalsina:
Self, Causation, and Agency in the Advaita of Śaṅkara. 186
9. David Peter Lawrence:
The Linguistics and Cosmology of Agency in Nondual Kashmiri Śaiva Thought. 210
10. Martin Ganeri:
Free Will, Agency, and Selfhood in Rāmānuja. 232
11. David Buchta:
Dependent Agency and Hierarchical Determinism in the Theology of Madhva. 255
12. Satyanarayana Dasa and Jonathan B. Edelmann:
Agency in the Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇava Tradition. 279
Index. 309


MATTHEW R. DASTI is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Bridgewater State University. Homepage.
EDWIN F. BRYANT is Professor of Hindu Religion and Philosophy at Rutgers University. Homepage.

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