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Periodization and Historiography of Indian Philosophy

Franco, Eli [Hrsg.]:
Periodization and Historiography of Indian Philosophy / ed. by Eli Franco. - Vienna : The De Nobili Research Library, 2013. - 396 S. - (Publications of the De Nobili Research Library ; 37)
EUR 40,00
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Sammelwerk mit Beiträgen des "Panel: On the Historiography and Periodization of Indian Philosophy", 14. World Sanskrit Conference, Kyoto, 1. bis 5. September 2009.

Preface. vii
Eli Franco:
On the Periodization and Historiography of Indian Philosophy. 1
Appendix by Shinya Moriyama: Some Periodizations of Indian Philosophy in Japanese Publications. 26
Shujun Motegi:
The Early History of Sāṃkhya Thought. 35
Philipp A. Maas:
A Concise Historiography of Classical Yoga Philosophy. 53
Parimal Patil:
The Historical Rhythms of the Nyāya–Vaiśeṣika Knowledge System. 91
Lawrence McCrea:
The Transformations of Mīmāṃsā in the Larger Context of Indian Philosophical Discourse. 127
Julius Lipner:
The Perils of Periodization, or How to Finesse History with Reference to Vedānta. 145
Vincent Eltschinger:
Buddhist Esoterism and Epistemology: Two Sixth-Century Innovations as Buddhist Responses to Social and Religio-Political Transformations. 171
Anne Clavel:
Śvetāmbaras and Digambaras: A Differentiated Periodization? 275
Lyne Bansat-Boudon:
The Contribution of Nondual Śaivism of Kashmir to the Debate on jīvanmukti: A Thematic Perspective on the Question of Periodization. 307
Alexis Pinchard:
The History of Sphoṭa: From Ontology to Epistemology? 327
Claus Oetke:
Classification and Periodization of Indian Philosophical Traditions: Some Conceptual and Theoretical Aspects. 347
Johannes Bronkhorst:
Periodization of Indian Ontologies. 357
General Index. 365
Index of Sanskrit Terms. 376
Index Locorum. 382
The Authors. 387

ELI FRANCO, Professor, Institut für Indologie und Zentralasienwissenschaften, Universität Leipzig. Profilseite.

Quellen: De Nobili Research Library; Mitteilung in der Mailing-Liste "H-Buddhism", vom 7. Sept. 2013
Bildquelle: De Nobili Research Library
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  1. Franco, Eli [Hrsg.] (2013).  Periodization and Historiography of Indian Philosophy. Publications of the De Nobili Research Library; 37. 396 S.