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Images, Relics and Legends

Benn, James A. [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
Images, Relics and Legends : the Formation and Transformation of Buddhist Sacred Sites. Essays in Honour of Professor Koichi Shinohara / Edited by James A. Benn, Jinhua Chen, and James Robson. - Oakville, Ont. : Mosaic Press, 2012.
ISBN 978-0-88962-909-7
$ 36,70
DDC: 294.3435

The spread of Buddhism in Asia may be viewed from one perspective as a protracted and complex process in which numerous sacred sites were continually created and recreated in different parts of Asia. The story of Buddhism increasinly penetrating into all levels of society in Asia is mirrored by another narrative in which some of the most sacred sites in India were reproduced in other parts of the world. This reproduction or doubling was, however, never a simple matter of transplantation; rather it involved complex cultural adjustments and inventions. The study of Buddhist sacred sites in South and East Asia, therefore, yields some revealing new perspectives on the cross-cultural issues created by the “Buddhist conquest of Asia.”
   The volume sheds new light on issues such as pilgrimage; the development of Buddhist monasticism; the remembrance of Buddhist saints and patriarchs; Buddhist sacred sites and more, and deepens our understanding of the Buddhist tradition.
   The volume contains thirteen original articles plus a preface and full biblography. The volume is a Festschrift in honour of Professor Koichi Shinohara of Yale University. [Verlagsinformation]

Jinhua Chen:
Professor Koichi Shinohara, A Biographical Sketch and Bibliography of his Published Work
James Robson:
1. Phyllis Granoff:
Bewitching Beauty: Some Jain Reflections on Art
2. Eun-su Cho:
Manifestation of the Buddha’s Land in the Here and Now: Relic Installation and Territorial Transformation in Medieval Korea
3. T. H. Barrett:
On The Road to China: The Continental Relocation of Sacred Space and its Consequences
4. Toru Funayama:
Guṇavarman and Some of the Earliest Examples of Ordination Platforms (jietan) in China
5. Koichi Shinohara:
Yuantong’s Visit to the Zhulin Monastery in Gushan: A Sociology of a Visionary Sacred Place
6. Jinhua Chen:
Jiang Zhiqi (1031-1104) and the Miaoshan Legend: Creation of a New Home for Avalokiteśvara
7. James Benn:
One Mountain, Two Traditions: Buddhist and Taoist Claims on Zhongnan shan in Medieval Times
8. James Robson:
Changing Places: The Conversions of Religious Sites in China
9. Eugene Wang:
Where Did the Picture of the Auspicious Omen from Shanzhou Come From? Manufacture of Sites and Sights in Seventh-Century China
10. Raoul Birnbaum:
Human Traces and the Experience of Powerful Places: A Note on Memory, History, and Practice in Buddhist China
11. Albert Welter:
Designating the Sacred by the Secular: Honors and Posthumous Titles for Chan Monks in the Zutang ji and Jingde Chuandeng lu
12. Paul Groner:
Ryōō Dōkaku (1630-1707), Ascetic, Philanthropist, Bibliophile, and Entrepreneur: The Creation of Japan’s First Public Library, Part 1
13. Kevin Bond:
Locating the Immovable One on the Ground: The Meguro Fudō Cult in Early Modern Japan

Gefeierte Person
KOICHI SHINOHARA, Senior Lecturer of Religious Studies, Yale University. Profile page.

JAMES A. BENN, Chair, Department of Religious Studies, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. Profile page.
JINHUA CHEN, Professor, East Asian Buddhism, Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Profile page.
JAMES ROBSON, Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. Profile page.

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