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Updated Vedic Concordance

Franceschini, Marco (Hrsg.):
An updated Vedic concordance : Maurice Bloomfield's A Vedic concordance enhanced with new material taken from Vedic texts / ed. by Marco Franceschini. - 2 Vols. - Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2008. - 1: LI, 1093 S.; 2: 1018 S. + CD-ROM. - (Harvard oriental series ; 66)
ISBN 978-0-674-03080-0 / 0-674-03080-X
US$ 95,00

After one hundred years, the well-known Vedic Concordance of Maurice Bloomfield has finally been updated. The first edition, published in 1906, was a complete alphabetic index of all Vedic mantras then known, including every line of every stanza and the liturgical formulas, as well as their many variants. Several important texts belonging to the oldest stratum of Indian literature, such as the Paippaldāda Atharvaveda and the Jaiminīya Brāhmaṇa, have been published since. They are included in this new edition. A CD of the complete index is added for ready reference. The work is an important tool for Vedic research and for the study of oral literature. [Verlagsinformation]

MARCO FRANCESCHINI is Post-doctoral affiliate of the Department of Linguistics and Oriental Studies at the University of Bologna.

Quellen: Harvard University Press; WorldCat; Amazon (UK).
Schlagwörter: Veda; Konkordanz; Bloomfield, Maurice