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Narayana Rao, Velcheru [u.a.]:
Śrīnātha : the Poet who Made Gods and Kings / Velcheru Narayana Rao and David Shulman. - New York : Oxford University Press, 2012. - ca. 216 S.
ISBN 978-0-19-986302-0
US$ 99,00 (Hardcover)
ISBN 978-0-19-986304-4
US$ 29,95 (Paperpack)
DDC: 894.82712

This groundbreaking cultural biography of Srinatha, arguably the most creative figure in the thousand-year history of Telugu literature., shows how the fourteenth- and fifteenth-century poet revolutionized the classical tradition and effectively created the classical genre of sustained, thematically focused, coherent large-scale compositions. Some of his works are proto-novellas: self-consciously fictional, focused on the development of characters, and endowed with compelling, fast-paced plots. Though entirely rooted in the cultural world of medieval south India, Srinatha is a poet of universal resonance and relevance. Narayana Rao and Shulman provide extended translations of Srinatha's major works and show how the poet bridged gaps between oral (improvised) poetry and fixed literary works; between Telugu and the classical, pan-Indian language of Sanskrit; and between local and trans-local cultural contexts. This wide-ranging and perceptive study reveals Srinatha place in a great classical tradition in a moment of profound cultural transformation. [Verlagsinformation]

Preface. ix
1. Introduction. 3
   1.1 Who was Śrīnātha? 3
   1.2 The Poet's Autobiography. 5
   1.3 The Reḍḍi Kings and the Idea of Andhra. 16
   1.4 What Makes a Poet? 26
   1.5 How to Tell a Story. 34
2. What Happens When a Poem is Translated into a Poem? 48
   2.1 A Telugu Tour de Force. 48
   2.2 The Author and Translator in the Text. 51
   2.3 The Two Worlds "You" and "I". 55
   2.4 Tears and Nasals. 62
   2.5 A New Space. 69
3. Building in Sound. 73
   3.1 Agonies of Exile. 73
   3.2 Śiva Fragmented and Unified. 87
   3.3 The Burning of the Three Cities. 90
   3.4 A River Delayed. 103
   3.5 Fusion and Fullness. 107
   3.6 Conclusion: On Creating a God. 111
4. A Novella in Two Voices. 114
   4.1 Introducing the Śiva-rātri-māhātmyamu. 114
   4.2 Introducing Sukumāra. 116
   4.3 Forbidden Love. 120
   4.4 On Realism and Double-Voicing. 128
   4.5 Śrīnātha the Paurāṇika. 139
   4.6 Summary. 151
5. Afterlife. 152
   5.1 Remembered Biographies. 152
   5.2 Parody: The Poet as Lover. 158
   5.3 Potana: The As-if Brother-in-Law. 165
   5.4 The Poet as Sorcerer. 171
6. Conclusion. 175
Notes. 181
Bibliography. 195
Index. 201

DAVID SHULMAN is Renee Lang Professor of Humanistic Studies at Hebrew University and a specialist in the languages and literatures of southern India. Profile page.
VELCHERU NARAYANA RAO is a visiting professor at Emory University. Together these two scholars have translated several classical works from Telugu; they are now completing a translation of Allasani Peddana's Manu-caritramu, often considered the acme of the classical Telugu tradition. Profile page.

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