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Negotiating Rites

Hüsken, Ute [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
Negotiating Rites / edited by Ute Hüsken, Frank Neubert. - New York [u.a.] : Oxford University Press, 2012. - ix, 298 S. - (Oxford ritual studies)
ISBN 978-0-19-981229-5
US$ 99,00
ISBN 978-0-19-981231-8
US$ 35,00
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In common understanding, but also in scholarly discourse, ritual has been long viewed as an undisputed and indisputable part of (especially religious) tradition, performed over and over in the same ways: stable in form, meaningless, preconcieved, and with the aim of creating harmony and enabling a tradition's survival. The authors represented in this collection argue, however, that these assumptions can be seriously challenged.
   Not only are rituals frequently disputed, they also constitute a field in which vital and sometimes even violent negotiations take place. Negotiations - here understood as processes of interaction during which differing positions are debated and/or acted out - are ubiquitous in ritual contexts, either in relation to the ritual itself, or in relation to the realm beyond any given ritual performance. The authors contend that a central feature of ritual is its embeddedness in negotiation processes and that life beyond the ritual frame often is negotiated in the field of rituals. This point of view opens up fruitful new perspectives on ritual procedures, on the interactions that constitute these procedures, and on the contexts in which they are embedded. By explicitly addressing and theorizing the relevance of negotiation in the world of ritual, the essays in this volume seek to persuade scholars and students alike to think differently and to find new starting points for more nuanced discussions.[Verlagsinformation]

Contributors. vii
Ute Hüsken and Frank Neubert:
Introduction. 1
1. Mikael Aktor:
Negotiating Karma: Penance in Classical Indian Law Books. 21
2. Erik de Maaker:
Negotiations at Death: Assessing Gifts, Mothers and Marriages. 43
3. Magnus Echtler:
"The Clitoris Is Indeed Your Sweet": Negotiating Gender Roles in the Ritual Setting of the Swahili New Year's Festival. 59
4. Barry Stephenson:
Ritual Negotiations in Lutherland. 81
5. Christian Meyer:
Negotiating Rites in Imperial China: The Case of Northern Song Court Ritual Debates from 1034 to 1093. 99
6. Nikki Bado:
Performing the Ancient Ones: The Body-in-practice as the Ground of Ritual Negotiation. 119
7. Annette Wilke:
Negotiating Tantra and Veda in the Paraśurāma-Kalpa Tradition. 133
8. Shari Rochelle Lash:
Jewish Same-Sex Weddings in Canada: Rituals of Resistance or Rituals of Conformity? 161
9. Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa:
The Social Element of Visionary Revelation: Public Rites as a Means of Negotiating Authenticity in Tibetan Buddhist Visionary Lineages. 177
10. Kathryn McClymond:
Negotiating Ritual Repair: The prāyaścitta Material in the Baudhāyana Śrauta Sūtra. 191
11. Ulrike Schröder:
Hook-Swinging in South India: Negotiating the Subaltern Space within a Colonial Society. 215
12. Patricia Q. Campbell:
Negotiating Meaning and Enactment in a Buddhist Ritual. 237
13. Ute Hüsken and Petra Kieffer-Pülz:
Buddhist Ordination as Initiation Ritual and Legal Procedure. 255
14. Grant Potts:
Negotiating the Social in the Ritual Theory of Victor Turner and Roy Rappaport. 277

UTE HÜSKEN, Professor of Sanskrit, University of Oslo and co-editor of the Oxford Ritual Studies series. Profile page.
FRANK NEUBERT, Assistant Professor of Religion, Universitat Bern. Profile page.

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