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Interrelations of Indian Literature and Arts

Sudyka, Lidia [Hrsg.]:
Interrelations of Indian Literature and Arts / ed. by Lidia Sudyka. - Krakow : Ksiegarnia Akademicka, 2011. - 261 S. : Ill.
ISBN 978-83-7188-453-5
zł 30,00
DDC: 891.1; 891.209357

The multifarious relations between the sound and the word were a subject of concern for Indian authors starting from the Vedic period. It was the Samaveda and its creators that noticed the emotional value of the sound and the impact of euphonic combinations on the audience. The interactions of music and text are clearly visible in theatrical traditions although there are also some other meeting points of literature and Indian arts. Diversity and interdisciplinary breadth were the chief criteria while collecting the articles for the present volume.

Emilio Ghezzi:
Holst and indian music
Gabriella Ferrero Olivero, Daniela Rossella:
Sita-A rare Gustav Holst opera based on Valmiki's Ramayana
Lidia Sudyka:
Sita. Indyjski hymn milości (Sita. Indian hymn of love) - a libretto by Jan Kasprowicz
Iwona Milewska:
Konstanty Regamey - An orientalist, a composer who combined ancient oriental lyrics with modern music, an art critic and an art theoretician
Katarzyna Subocz:
The emotional value of a sound according to sanskrit treatises on the theory of literature
Anna Nitecka:
Abhinavagupta on music
Maria Krzysztof Byrski:
The vṛtti theory of communication
Klara Gönc Moačanin:
Antaryavanikā - the musical part of pūrvaraṅga
Bożena Śliwczyńska:
The vācika-abhinaya in the Kūṭiyāṭṭam theatre tradition
Lidia Sudyka:
Kirātārjunīya in south India: the story as depicted in literature and art with a special reference to the Lepakshi temple
Dorota Kamińska:
Gods as embodiments of rāgas. The iconography of divinities in rāgamālā art
Anna Ślączka:
The iconography of the hindu deities in the Devyāmata, an early Śaiva pratiṣṭhātantra

LIDIA SUDYKA, Department of Indology, Institute of Oriental Studies, Jagiellonian University, Krakow. Profile page.

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