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Dynamics of the Ritual Gift System

Nath, Vijay:
Dynamics of the Ritual Gift System : Some Unexplored Dimensions / Vijay Nath. - New Delhi : Manohar Publishers, 2012. - 258 S.
ISBN 978-81-7304-926-2
Rs. 875,00
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US$ 34,75 (South Asia Books)
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The present volume is an eclectic collection of articles written over a period of almost twenty years, dealing with a religious institution that is unique to Indian culture. The period of history surveyed in the volume covers over two millennia of cultural growth and development and broadly spans the Vedic, post-Vedic, and the Gupta / post-Gupta periods. This volume will be of paramount interest to scholars of ancient and medieval Indian history, kingship and religion in south Asia.

Acknowledgements. 9
Introduction. 11
1. Situating Dāna in Brāhmaṇical Ritualism. 21
2. Ideological Dimensions of Dāna. 45
3. Ritual Symbolism and Status-conferring Role of Dāna. 64
4. Women Donors in Ancient India. 73
5. Brāhmaṇa Recipients of Dāna: Changing Paramaters. 90
6. Kanyādāna: Element of Exchange and Gift in Marriage: Genesis and Dimensions. 117
7. Mahādāna: Dynamics of Gift-Economy. 132
8. Almsgiving: How Far is it a Distension of Dāna. 163
9. Peasantry and the Dynamics of the Ritual Gift System. 182
10. A New Form of Gift System as a Factor in Urbanization. 203
Bibliography. 229
Index. 253

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