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Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual ... Vol. 4

Michaels, Axel [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual / ed. by Udo Simon (Section I), Christiane Brosius, Karin Polit, (Section II), Petra H. Rösch, Corinna Wessels-Mevissen (Section III), Gregor Ahn (Section IV). - Vol. 4: Reflexivity, Media and Visuality. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 2011. - VIII, 723 S. : Ill. + CD-ROM.
ISBN 978-3-447-06204-6
EUR 108,00
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DDC: 203.8

Edited by Udo Simon
1. Udo Simon:
Reflexivity and Discourse on Ritual – Introductory Reflexions. 3
2. Harvey Whitehouse:
Religious Reflexivity and Transmissive Frequency. 25
3. Joachim Gentz in collaboration with Christian Meyer:
Ritual and Rigidity in Commentaries and Court Debates: Patterns of Reflexivity in Pre-Modern Chinese Discourses on Ritual. 41
4. Rüdiger Schmitt:
Magic, Ritual Healing, and the Discourse on Ritual Authority in the Old Testament. 61
5. Günther Schörner:
Sacrifice East and West: Experiencing Ritual Difference in the Roman Empire. 81
6. Dominik Fugger:
What About the Bean King? Reflections on a Specific Ritual between 1500 and 1900 and Their Implications for the Methodology of Ritual-Analysis. 101
7. Hans-Ulrich Sanner:
"A Message about Life": Performance and Reflexivity in Hopi Indian Ritual Clowning. 113
8. Hege Irene Markussen:
Ritual Criticism and the Alevi Cem Ritual. 147
9. Massimo Rosati:
Ritual and Reflectivity in the Sociological Discourse on Modernity. 163
10. Mario Bührmann:
Culture and Rites in Motion: The Conception of Culture and Ritualistic Actions in the Works of Edward Burnett Tylor. 175
11. Johannes Quack:
Reflexive Remarks on Science, Ritual, and Neutrality in the Social Sciences. 201
11. Michael Bergunder:
Global History, Religion, and Discourse on Ritual. 219
12. David Chidester:
Imperial Reflections, Colonial Situations: James Frazer, Henri-Alexandre Junod, and Indigenous Ritual in Southern Africa. 237
Edited by Christiane Brosius and Karin Polit
13. Christiane Brosius and Karin Polit:
Introducing Media Rituals and Ritual Media. 267
14. Felicia Hughes-Freeland:
Divine Cyborgs? Ritual Spirit Presence and the Limits of Media. 277
15. Bernhard Leistle:
Difficult Heritage: Time and the Other in Moroccan Rituals of Possession. 309
16. Florence Pasche Guignard:
Religious Rituals on Video-Sharing Websites. 339
17. Joost Fontein:
The Politics of the Dead: Living Heritage, Bones, and Commemoration in Zimbabwe. 357
18. Ulrike Stohrer:
Ritual Performance, Cultural Policy, and the Construction of a “National Heritage” in Yemen. 397
19. Karen Vedel:
Clothing the Suomussalmi Silent People: From Site-Specific Dance Performance to Ritually Informed Community Event. 417
20. Madeleine Hurd:
Reporting on Civic Rituals: Texts, Performers, and Audience. 441
21. Elke Mader:
Stars in Your Eyes: Ritual Encounters with Shah Rukh Khan in Europe. 463
Edited by Petra H. Rösch and Corinna Wessels-Mevissen
22. Petra H. Rösch and Corinna Wessels-Mevissen:
Ritual and Visuality – Introductory Remarks. 487
23. Carsten Knigge Salis:
Hieroglyphs of Praise: The Dynamic Praise of Gods as Represented and Prescribed by Ancient Egyptian Ritual Texts. 491
24. Thomas M. Hunter:
Icons, Indexes, and Interpretants of a Balinese Ritual Artefact: The Pengajeg. 505
25. Petra H. Rösch:
Pillars of Faith: Visuality and Ritual Space in Chinese Buddhism. 537
26. Corinna Wessels-Mevissen:
Festival Vehicles and Motif Lamps: Reflections on Visual Elements in South Indian Temple Ritual. 567
Edited by Gregor Ahn
27. Gregor Ahn:
Ritual Design – an Introduction. 601
28. Gregor Ahn:
The Re-Embodiment of Mr. Spock and the Re-Incarnation of Voldemort: Two Examples of Ritual Design in Contemporary Fiction. 607
29. Erik de Maaker, Eric Venbrux, and Thomas Quartier:
Reinventing "All Souls’ Day": Spirituality, Contemporary Art, and the Remembrance of the Dead. 617
30. Thomas Quartier:
Funeral Design in the Netherlands: Structures and Meanings of Non-Ecclesiastic Funerals. 635
31. Matthias Frenz:
The Common Practice of Ritual Design in Southern India: Observations at the Marian Sanctuary of Velankanni. 651
32. Anne-Christine Hornborg:
Designing Rites to Re-Enchant Secularised Society: Cases from Contemporary Sweden. 671
33. Jan A.M. Snoek:
Researcher and Researched Rituals. 693
34. Michael Houseman:
Trying to Make a Difference with "Ritual Design". 699
Abstracts. 707

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