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Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual ... Vol. 1

Michaels, Axel [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual / ed by Axel Michaels ; Anand Mishra ; Lucia Dolce ; Gil Raz ; Katja Triplett. - Vol. 1: Grammars and Morphologies of Ritual Practices in Asia. Including an E-Book version in PDF format on CD. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 2010. - IX, 591 S. : Ill. + CD-ROM.
ISBN 978-3-447-06201-5
EUR 98,00
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DDC: 390.095

Held in Heidelberg from September 29 to October 2, 2008 by the collaborative research center SFB 619 "Ritual Dynamics" , the international conference "Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual" assembled most of the leading experts on rituals studies and more than 600 participants for the purpose of reassessing the traditional subject in view of the latest research. The results, which are presented in five volumes (see below), are pathbreaking for future transcultural, interdisciplinary and multi methodical research on rituals. The convention was marked by the broad range of disciplines and the corresponding diversity of methods. It embraced a tremendous variety of topics in terms of cultural geography and spanned a time horizon from the antiquity to the present. The proceedings show how broadly the term ritual can be defined, as well as the conditions, modes and functions of ritual actions in different cultures of the present and past. One of the most important conclusions of the conference is that there cannot be "one single" model for rituals and that interdisciplinary collaborations are the key to research on rituals. This also includes the development and use of creative research methods. [Verlagsinformation]

The Editorial Board:
Preface to the Series "Ritual Dynamcis and the Science of Ritual"
Edited by Axel Michaels and Anand Mishra
Axel Michaels and Anand Mishra:
Introduction. 3
Axel Michaels:
The Grammar of Rituals. 7
Jan E. Houben:
Formal Structure and Self-referential Loops in Vedic Ritual. 29
Olga Serbaeva Saraogi:
When to Kill Means to Liberate: Two Types of Ritual Actions in Vidyāpīṭha Texts. 65
Anand Mishra:
On the Possibilities of a Pāṇinian Paradigm for a Rule-based Description of Rituals. 85
Axel Michaels (in collaboration with Johanna Buss):
The Dynamics of Ritual Formality: The Morphology of Newar Death Rituals. 99
Cezary Galewicz:
Inscribing Scripture Through Ritual: On the Ritual Cycle of Trisandhā. 117
Martin Gaenszle:
Grammar in Ritual Speech: The Use of Binomials in Rai Invocations. 141
Johannes Bronkhorst:
Ritual, Holophrastic Utterances, and the Symbolic Mind. 159
J.C. Heesterman:
The Development and Impact of Ancient Indian Ritual. 203
Annette Wilke:
Basic Categories of a Syntactical Approach to Rituals: Arguments for a “Unitary Ritual View” and the Paraśurāma-Kalpasūtra as “Test-Case”. 215
Timothy Lubin:
Ritual Self-Discipline as a Response to the Human Condition: Toward a Semiotics of Ritual Indices. 263
Rich Freeman:
Pedagogy and Practice: The Meta-pragmatics of Tantric Rites in Kerala. 275
Frederick M. Smith:
Historical Symmetry and Ritual Asymmetry: The Interrelations Between Vedic Ritual and Temple Construction in Modern India. 307
Frits Staal:
A Theory of Ritual: The Indo-Iranian Fire Offering. 331
Edited by Lucia Dolce, Gil Raz and Katja Triplett
Lucia Dolce, Gil Raz and Katja Triplett:
Introduction. 355
Michael Puett:
Ritualization as Domestication: Ritual Theory from Classical China. 359
Joachim Gentz:
“Living in the Same House”: Ritual Principles in Early Chinese Reflections on Mourning Garments. 371
Christian Meyer:
Interpretations of Confucian Ritual (“li”) in Chinese Scholarly Discussions in the Eleventh Century. 397
Gil Raz:
Ritual Theory in Medieval Daoism. 407
Julius Tsai 蔡南亭:
Mutation or Permutation? A Ritual Debate in Tang-Song Daoism. 425
Lucia Dolce:
The Contested Space of Buddhist Public Rituals: The shunie of Tōdaiji. 433
Fumi Ouchi:
Buddhist Liturgical Chanting in Japan: Vocalisation and the Practice of Attaining Buddhahood. 459
Katja Triplett:
Esoteric Buddhist Eye-healing Rituals in Japan and the Promotion of Benefits. 485
M.A. Butler:
Ritual Specialists and Collective Agency in Song Dynasty China. 501
Paul S. Atkins:
The Stages of Seppuku: Performing Self-Execution in Premodern Japan. 523
Poul Andersen:
The Life of Images in Daoist Ritual. 535
Benedetta Lomi:
The Iconography of Ritual: Images, Texts and Beliefs in the Batō Kannon Fire Offering. 557
Abstracts. 579

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