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Spread and Influence of Hinduism and Buddhism

Mayeda, Sengaku [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
Spread and Influence of Hinduism and Buddhism in Asia / ed. by Sengaku Mayeda and Masahiro Shimoda. - Delhi : Originals, 2010. - xxvi, 161 S. : Ill., Kt.
ISBN 9788184540987 / 8184540981
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This book is the outcome of the 5th Japan-India Seminar held, for the purpose of mutual understanding between Japan and India, by the Committee for Japan-India Academic Exchange, at Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, 2000 under the auspices of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the Indian Council of Social Science Research in generous collaboration of Indian Embassy in Tokyo. [Low Price Publications]

1. The Concepts of Buddha and Bodhisattva / Siddheshwar R. Bhatt
2. Concepts of Karma and samsara in Indian and Japanese Culture / Rewati Raman Pandey
3. The Ritual of Tai Pusam and the Role of Panda ram in Malaysia : Interpretation of an Ethnic Ritual of the Malaysian Indian Community / Shinji Shigematsu
4. The Revival of the Buddha in Narratives : The Conflict between philology and the Science of History / Masahiro Shimoda
5. Dancing Ganesa : in India and beyond its Frontiers / Sudha Malaiya
6. The Jataka and Self-sacrifice / Musashi Tachikawa
7. Environment Perspective of Hindu Festivals / N. Vijaya
8. Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi and His Thought in Modern Times / J. K. Bajaj

SENGAKU MAYEDA (前田專學) (*1931), Ph. D. (University of Pennsylvania) and D. Litt. (University of Tokyo), is President of the Eastern Institute founded by the late Dr. Hajime Nakamura and Professor Emeritus of Indian Philosophy, the University of Tokyo. Among his English publications, there are Sankara's Upadesasahasri (1973) and A Thousand Teachings: The Upadesasahasri of Sankara (1979) for which he was conferred a Japan Academy Award in 1988. He also authored Vedanta Philosophy (1980), An Introduction to Indian Philosophy (2000), and other books and articles in Japanese.
MASAHIRO SHIMODA (下田正弘), D. Litt. (University of Tokyo), is Professor at the Department of Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo. He is the author of the book: A Study of the Mahaparinirvanasutra with Special Focus on the Methodology of the Study of Mahayanasutras (in Japanese), for which he was awarded the Prize of the Japanese Association for Religious Studies in 1997. Among English publications, he has most recently contributed a chapter to Indian Philosophy of Text Science (2010).

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