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Translating Buddhist Chinese

Meisig, Konrad (Hrsg.):
Translating Buddhist Chinese : Problems and Prospects / ed. by Konrad Meisig. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 2010. - VII, 166 S. - (East Asia Intercultural Studies = Interkulturelle Ostasienstudien ; 3)
ISBN 978-3-447-06267-1
EUR 38,00
DDC: 495.1; 418.02
-- Angekündigt für September 2010 --

On the 4th and 5th of July 2008, the Institute of Indology and the Study and Research Unit Buddhist Chinese ('Arbeitsgruppe Buddhistisches Chinesisch') of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz held an international workshop on "Translating Buddhist Chinese: Problems and Prospects." With attendees and experts from all over the world, the workshop focused on central aspects of Chinese Buddhist philology, linguistics, history of redactions, and history of literature, in order to discuss today's state of research, its pressing problems, and promising prospects. The volume edited by Konrad Meisig presents the papers of the workshop with contributions by Bhikkhu Analayo, Marcus Bingenheimer, Roderick S. Bucknell, CHOONG Mun-keat, LI Wei, Konrad Meisig, Marion Meisig, Bhikkhu Pasadika and Karl-Heinz Pohl. [Verlagsinformation]

Preface. VII
1. Bhikkhu Anālayo: The Influence of Commentarial Exegesis on the Transmission of Āgama Literature. 1
2. Marcus Bingenheimer: Collaborative Edition and Translation Projects in the Era of Digital Text. 21
3. Roderick S. Bucknell: Taking account of the Indic source-text. 45
4. CHOONG Mun-keat: Problems and Prospects of the Chinese Saṃyuktāgama: Its Structure and Content. 53
5. Konrad Meisig: Buddhist Chinese: Religiolect and Metalanguage. 65
6. Marion Meisig: 名稱 Míngchēng – Fame and Glory. 75
7. Bhikkhu Pāsādika: Gleanings from the Chinese Ekottarāgama Regarding School Affiliation and Other Topics. 87
8. Karl-Heinz Pohl: What is there to laugh about in Buddhism? 97
   1. Marion Meisig: 康僧會 Kāng Sēnghuì – Preacher and Teacher. 115
   2. Li Wei, Konrad Meisig, Marion Meisig: Kāng Sēnghuì’s Chinese Translation of the Sudhanāvadāna. 123
Index of Names and Subjects. 161

KONRAD MEISIG (*1953), Professor am Institut für Indologie, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Quellen: Harrassowitz;; Deutsche Nationalbibliothek.
Bibliographie: [1]


  1. Meisig, Konrad (2010).  Translating Buddhist Chinese: Problems and Prospects. Translating Buddhist Chinese: Problems and Prospects. VII, 166 S.