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Jana Sanskriti

Ganguly, Sanjoy:
Jana Sanskriti : Forum Theatre and Democracy in India / Sanjoy Ganguly. Consultant Editor: Ralph Yarrow. - London and New York : Routledge, 2010. - xvi, 166 S. : ill.
ISBN 978-0-415-57751-9 (Hardback)
£ 54,00
ISBN 978-0-415-57752-6 (Paperback)
£ 17,99
ISBN 978-0-203-85272-9 (eBook)
£ 60,00
DDC: 306.4848095414

Jana Sanskriti Centre for the Theatre of the Oppressed, based in West Bengal, is probably the largest and longest lasting Forum Theatre operation in the world. It was considered by Augusto Boal to be the chief exponent of his methodology outside of its native Brazil.
   This book is a unique first-hand account - by the group's artistic director Sanjoy Ganguly - of Jana Sanskriti's growth and development since its founding in 1985, which has resulted in a national Forum Theatre network throughout India. Ganguly describes the plays, people and places that have formed this unique operation and discusses its contribution to the wider themes espoused by Forum Theatre.
   Ganguly charts and reflects on the practice of theatre as politics, developing an intriguing and persuasive case for Forum Theatre and its role in provoking responsible action. His combination of anecdotal insight and lucid discussion of Boal’s practice offers a vision of far-reaching transformation in politics and civil society. [Verlagsinformation]

List of figures. ix
About the book. xi
Speech by Boal. xiii
Editors' preface. xv.
1. Celebrating the rehearsal of revolution: a historical profile of Jana Sanskriti Centre for the Theatre of the Oppressed. 1
2. Boal's theatre: the recognition of resource. 41
3. Boal's poetics as politics. 55
4. Theatre as rehearsal of future political action. 73
5. Beyond West Bengal: other Indian scenarios. 90
6. Beyond India: workshop diary. 98
7. The politics of collective thinking: scripting power. 119
8. Aesthetics and ethics: shaping collective practice. 127
9. Reflections and prospects. 134
Appendix. 149
Notes. 153
Bibliography. 160
Index. 162

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