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Kalacakra Tantra - Chapter on Sadhana

Wallace, Vesna A. (Übers.):
The Kālacakra Tantra : the chapter on Sādhana together with the Vimalaprabhā commentary / transl. from Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Mongolian, introduced and annotated by Vesna A. Wallace. - New York : American Institute of Buddhist Studies ; distr. by Columbia University Press, 2010 [2011]. - xv, 379 S. - (Treasury of the Buddhist Sciences [AIBS])
ISBN 978-0-9753734-4-6
US$ 49,00 / £ 34,00
DDC: 294.385

This is the first complete English translation of the fourth chapter of the esoteric Buddhist Kalacakratantra text, and its eleventh-century commentary, the Stainless Light (Vimalaprabha), often accorded pride of place as the first volume of the Tibetan Tanjur. This chapter describes in detail the Buddhist tantric practice of the stage of generation, including the instructions on the protection of the place of practice, the meditative practices of the origination of the body and the deities abiding in the body, the yogic practices of the stage of generation, and diverse mundane sadhanas designed to induce the mundane siddhis. The translation is supplemented with copious annotations and references to Tibetan commentaries and other esoteric Buddhist works. It also includes the first critical edition of the Mongolian version of the fourth chapter. [Verlagsinformation]

VESNA A. WALLACE, Numata Chair in Buddhist Studies, Oxford University. Profile page.

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