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Tantric Studies 2008 - 1

Tantric Studies
Tantric studies. - Hamburg : Centre for Tantric Studies.
Erscheinungsverlauf: 1.2008 [2009]-
ISSN 1867-9021
EUR 45,00
Jetzt erschienen: 1.2008
Homepage: Tantric Studies

Direktbezug über:
Centre for Tantric Studies,
Department of Indian and Tibetan Studies,
University of Hamburg
Alsterterrasse 1
D-20354 Hamburg

Inhalt: 1 (2008)

Harunaga Isaacson:
Editorial. 1
Peter-Daniel Szanto:
A Critical Edition of Catuṣpīṭhatantra I.3. with Three Sanskrit Commentaries. 2
Toru Tomabechi and Kazuo Kano:
A Critical Edition and Translation of a Text Fragment from Abhayākaragupta’s Āmnāyamañjarī: Göttingen, 22
Sam van Schaik:
A Definition of Mahāyoga: Sources from the Dunhuang Manuscripts. 45
Klaus-Dieter Mathes:
The "Succession of the Four Seals" (Caturmudrānvaya), Together with Selected Passages from Karopa’s Commentary. 89
Tsunehiko Sugiki:
The Homa System of the Vajraḍākatantra: A Critical Edition and a Preliminary Analysis of its Homa System. 131
Muyou Fan:
Some Notes on Editing the Sanskrit Manuscript of the Advayasamatāvijayamahākalparāja on the Basis of the Chinese and Tibetan Translations. 155
Yong-Hyun Lee:
Re-editing the Niṣpannayogāvalī: Some Textual Problems. 181
Andrea Acri:
The Vaimala Sect of the Pāśupatas. New Data from Old Javanese Sources. 193
Francesco Sferra:
The Last Stanzas of the Paramārthaseva. 209
Reviews. 215

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