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Myth of Indus Valley Script

Roy, Sunil [u.a.]:
The Myth of Indus Valley Script / essays, Steve Farmer ... [u.a.] ; presenter, Sunil Roy. - Delhi : Academic Excellence, 2008. - 172 S. : Ill.
ISBN 978-81-89901-80-6
Rs. 650,00
US$ 29,15 (D.K. Agencies)

1. Sunil Roy: Indus Inscriptions: Old Problems New Perspective. 1-16
2. Steve Farmer, Richard Sproat, Michael Witzel: The Collapse of the Indus-Script Thesis: the myths of a literature Harappan civilization. 17-68
3. Mythological functions of Indus inscriptions: eight conclusions arising from the non-linguistic model of Indus symbols. 69-116
4. Steve Farmer, John Henderson: Neurobiology, layered texts and correlative cosmologies: a cross-cultural frame work for premodern history. 117-168

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