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Modern Indian Culture and Society

Jacobsen, Knut A. (Hrsg.):
Modern Indian Culture and Society / ed. by Knut A. Jacobsen. - Vol. 1-4. - London [u.a.] : Routledge, 2009. - ca. 1795 S. - (Critical concepts in sociology)
ISBN 978-0-415-45219-9 (set)
ISBN 978-0-415-45556-5 (vol. 1), 978-0-415-45557-2 (vol. 2), 978-0-415-45558-9 (vol. 3), 978-0-415-45559-6 (vol. 4)
£ 650,00
DDC: 306.0954
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Research on Indian culture and society has been conducted from a dizzying range of perspectives. However, in recent decades it has been particularly characterized by a change in focus from the past to the present; from the worldview of the élites to that of the subalterns; from philosophy to everyday life; and from hierarchy to the critiques of hierarchy and the sources of equality in Indian culture.
   More dramatic than the changes in the focus of research are the changes in Indian society itself. Urbanization, the liberalization and globalization of the economy, the IT revolution, the success of the global Indian diaspora, the affirmation of religious identities and reaffirmation of ancient world views, reinterpretations of history, new medias and transnational megagurus, and new political landscapes denote some of these processes.
   This new title from Routledge makes sense of these changes by bringing together the very best scholarly work on India's contemporary transformation. As the world's largest democracy emerges as an economic and cultural superpower, there is a pressing need for a more sophisticated and nuanced understanding of Indian culture and society. This four-volume collection answers that need and will be welcomed as a vital one-stop research resource. [Verlagsinformation]

Volume I: Identity
1. Freedom, Partition, and Aftermath
2. The Past in the Present
3. Democracy and Development
4. Violence
5. Social Movements
Volume II: Society
6. Work, Economy, and Globalization
7. Caste
8. Gender
Volume III: Religion
9. Secularism
10. Religious Traditions
Volume IV: Culture
11. Food
12. Urban and Natural Environment
13. Literature
14. Cinema
15. Television
16. Music, Folklore, and Beauty Pageants
17. Cricket and Sports

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