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Multi nominis grammaticus

Cooper, Adam I. [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
Multi nominis grammaticus : Studies in Classical and Indo-European Linguistics in Honor of Alan J. Nussbaum, on the Occasion of his Sixty-fifth Birthday / ed. by Adam I. Cooper, Jeremy Rau, and Michael Weiss. - Ann Arbor [u.a.] : Beech Stave Press, 2013. - XI, 366 S.
ISBN 978-0-9747927-9-8
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In this volume, thirty internationally recognized scholars have come together to celebrate the work of the famous Indo-Europeanist Alan J. Nussbaum. The topics range widely from Nussbaum's favorite subject of Indo-European nominal morphology, especially in the Classical languages, to the historical grammars of Tocharian, the stylistics of the Rigveda, Aristophanean philology, and much more. Nussbaum's work is honored with contributions by such renowned experts as Heiner Eichner, Jay Jasanoff, Sergio Neri, Hayden Pelliccia, Richard Thomas, and Michael Weiss. A complete bibliography of Nussbaum's oeuvre is included, and the volume closes with a full word-index. [Verlagsinformation]

Preface. vii
Bibliography of Alan Nussbaum. ix
List of Contributors. xi
Todd Clary:
Live Life and Die Death: Case Selection of Cognate Accusatives and Datives in Ancient Greek. 1
Michiel de Vaan:
Latin danunt. 21
Heiner Eichner:
Zur Herleitung von lateinisch ēbrius "trunken" und sōbrius "nüchtern". 26
Joseph F. Eska:
In Defense of Celtic /Φ/. 32
Margalit Finkelberg:
Equivalent Formulae for Zeus in Their Traditional Context. 44
Benjamin W. Fortson IV:
Pre-Italic *-dhiē (*-dhieh1) versus Pre-Indo-Iranian *-dhiōi: Bridging the Gap. 50
Jose Luis Garcia Ramon:
Lat. Opiter, OHG aftero 'later', PIE *h1op(i)-tero- "the one after" and Related Forms. 61
Guđrun Þórhallsdóttir:
Analogical Changes in the History of Old Icelandic fela. 76
Olav Hackstein:
Indogermanisch *h1k-u-o-s, *h1ek-u-o-s "Pferd, Hengst, Stute": Genusindifferenz als morphologische Persistenz. 94
Jay H. Jasanoff:
The Tocharian Subjunctive and Preterite in *-a-. 105
Ronald I. Kim:
The Indo-European, Anatolian, and Tocharian "Secondary" Cases in Typological Perspective. 121
Jared S. Klein:
Fashioning a Coda: Repetition of Clitics and Clitic-like Elements in die Rigveda. 143
Alexander Lubotsky:
The Vedic Paradigm for "water". 159
Melanie Malzahn:
Cutting around "temós": Evidence from Tocharian. 165
H. Craig Melchert:
Hittite "Heteroclite" s-Stems. 175
Sergio Neri:
Zum urindogermanischen Wort fur "Hand". 185
Birgit Anette Olsen:
A Note on Indo-European In-Laws. 206
Holt Parker:
Palatalization of Labiovelars in Greek. 214
Hayden Pelliccia:
Aristophanes, Thesmophoriazusae 148. 228
Martin Peters:
Send In die Nouns. 231
Georges-Jean Pinault:
The Lady (Almost) Vanishes. 240
Jeremy Rau:
Notes on State-Oriented Verbal Roots, the Caland System, and Primary Verb Morphology in Indo-Iranian and Indo-European. 255
Elisabeth Rieken:
Sekundāre denominale u-Stämme im Hethitischen. 274
Don Ringe:
An Early "Ingvaeonic" Innovation. 285
Aaron P. Tate:
Verse Segments and Syntactic Templates in Homeric Philology. 289
Richard F. Thomas:
Thoughts on the Virgilian Hexameter. 306
Brent Vine:
A Hoarse of a Different Color (Plautus, Poen. 778 rāviō). 315
Rex E. Wallace:
Etruscan Genitives in -a and -al. 329
Michael Weiss:
Interesting i-Stems in Irish. 340
Kazuhiko Yoshida:
Lycian xawa- "sheep". 357
Index Verborum. 363

Gefeierte Persönlichkeit
ALAN J. NUSSBAUM (*1947), Professor, Department of Linguistics, Cornell University. Profile page.

ADAM I. COOPER, Lecturer in Linguistics, Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. Profile page.
JEREMY RAU, Professor of Classics and Linguistics, Harvard University. Profile page.
MICHAEL WEISS, Professor, Department of Linguistics, Cornell University. Profile page.

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