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Scholars and Prophets: Sociology of India from France in the 19th - 20th Centuries

Publication Type  Book
Year of Publication  2013
Authors  Lardinois, Roland
Series Title  French writings on India and South Asia
City  New Delhi
Publisher  Social Science Press
Number of Pages  X, 564 S
Short Title  Scholars and Prophets
ISBN Number  978-81-87358-70-1
Other Numbers  954.0072
Key Words  Allgemeines; Soziologie; Forschungsgeschichte; Indienbild

Übersetzung von: Lardinois, Roland: L’invention de l’Inde : entre ésotérisme et science / Roland Lardinois. - Paris : CNRS Éditions, 2007. – 493 S. - ISBN 978-2-271-06590-2

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