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Wuaku: Hindu Gods in West Africa

Wuaku, Albert Kafui:
Hindu Gods in West Africa : Ghanaian Devotees of Shiva and Krishna / by Albert Kafui Wuaku. - Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2013. - X, 324 S. : Ill. - (Studies of Religion in Africa ; vol. 42)
ISBN 978-90-04-24488-7 (Print-Ausg.)
ISBN 978-90-04-25571-5 (eBook)
DOI: 10.1163/9789004255715
EUR 134,00 / US$ 174,00
DDC: 294.509667

In Hindu Gods in West Africa, Wuaku offers an account of the histories, beliefs and practices of the Hindu Monastery of Africa and the Radha Govinda Temple, two Hindu Temples in Ghana. Using historical material and data from his field work in southern Ghana, Wuaku shows how these two Hindu Temples build their traditions on popular Ghanaian religious notions about the powerful magicality of India's Hindu gods. He explores how Ghanaian soldiers who served in the colonial armies in India, Sri Lanka, and Burma during World War II, Bollywood films, and local magicians, have contributed to the production and the spreading of these cultural ideas. He argues that while Ghanaian worshippers appropriated and deployed the alien Hindu religious world through their own cultural ideas,as they engage Hindu beliefs and rituals in negotiating challenges their own worldviews would change considerably. [Verlagsinformation]

Acknowledgements. ix
Introduction. 1
1. Ghana's Hindu Religious Landscape. 37
2. The Hindu Monastery of Africa. 87
3. Domesticating Shiva Worship in Ghana: Rituals of the Hindu Monastery of Africa. 119
4. The Sri Radha-Govinda Temple Tradition. 146
5. "Hinduizing" From the "Top," Indigenizing from "Below": Krishna Devotion in Ghana. 174
6. Spreading Krishna and Shiva Worship in Ghana. 208
7. Why We became Hindus: Conversion Narratives. 241
8. Conclusion. 308
Bibliography. 315
Index. 321
Illustration Section


Albert Kafui Wuaku, Ph.D.(2004), University of Toronto, is Assistant professor of African and African Diaspora Religions, at Florida International University, Miami, USA. He has published on Ghanaian Hinduism and Haitian Vodou practices in Miami. Profile page.

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