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Rethinking Visual Narratives from Asia

Green, Alexandra [Hrsg.]:
Rethinking Visual Narratives from Asia : Intercultural and Comparative Perspectives / editor, Alexandra Green. - Hong Kong : Hong Kong University Press, 2013. - ix, 258 S. : Ill.
ISBN 978-988-8139-10-1
HKD 250,00 / US$ 35,00
DDC: 700.4579; 808.036

Rethinking Visual Narratives covers topics from the first millennium BCE through the present day, testifying to the enduring significance of visual stories in shaping and affirming cultural practices in Asia. Contributors analyze how visual narratives function in different Asian cultures, and reveal the multiplicity of ways that images can be narrated. The study of local art forms advances our knowledge of regional iterations and theoretical boundaries, illustrating the importance of pictorial stories to the cultural traditions of Asia. [Verlagsinformation]

Contributors. vii
Acknowledgements. ix
Alexandra Green:
Introduction: Expansive Approaches to Visual Narrative Analysis. 1
Julia K. Murray:
Keynote Address: Narrative and Visual Narrative across Disciplines and Cultures. 13
1. Dore J. Levy:
Vignettism in the Poetics of Chinese Narrative Painting. 27
2. Shane McCausland:
Visual Narratology in China and Japan around 1600: A Comparative Study. 41
3. Yeewan Koon:
The Art of Tales: Qing Novels and Paintings by Su Renshan (1814–c. 1850). 61
4. Catherine Stuer:
Reading the World's Landscape in Zhang Bao's Images of the Floating Raft, 1833. 77
5. Yonca Kösebay Erkan:
Translating Text into Image: Beyan-ı Menazil, an Illustrated Ottoman Manuscript. 95
6. Sarah E. Thompson:
Poetry, Incense, Card Games, and Pictorial Narrative Coding in Early Modern Genji Pictures. 109
7. Sonya S. Lee:
Storytelling in Real Space: Viewership and Nirvana Narratives in Cave Temples of China. 127
8. Mary-Louise Totton:
Narrative Place and Network Thinking: The Ramayana and Kresnayana in Early Java. 141
9. Charlotte Galloway:
Buddhist Narrative Imagery during the Eleventh Century at Pagan, Burma: Reviewing Origins and Purpose. 159
10. Alexandra Green:
Creating Sacred Space: Thai and Burmese Wall Paintings of the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries. 175
11. Dominik Bonatz:
The Performance of Visual Narratives in Imperial Art: Two Case Studies from Assyria and the Khmer State. 193
12. Mary Beth Heston:
The "Performance" of Visual Narrative in Courtly Kerala: The Ramayana Murals of Mattanceri Palace. 215
13. Leedom Lefferts and Sandra Cate:
Constructing Multiple Narratives in Theravada Buddhism: The Vessantara Painted Scrolls of Northeast Thailand and Lowland Laos. 229
Greg M. Thomas:
Concluding Remarks: Narrative Visualization and Embodied Meaning. 245
Index. 253

Alexandra Green is the Henry Ginsburg Curator for Southeast Asia at the British Museum in London and editor of Eclectic Collecting: Art from Burma in the Denison Museum.

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