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Butön's History of Buddhism

Bu-ston Rin-chen-grub (1290-1364):
Butön's History of Buddhism in India and its spread to Tibet : a treasury of priceless scripture / Butön Rinchen Drup ; transl. by Lisa Stein and Ngawang Zangpo. - Boston & London : Snow Lion, 2013. - xvii, 444 S. - (The Tsadra Foundation series)
Einheitssachtitel: bDe bar gśegs paʼi bstan paʼi gsal byed chos kyi ʼbyuṅ gnas gsuṅ rab rin po cheʼi mdzod <engl.>
ISBN 978-1-55939-413-0
US$ 34,95
DDC: 294.30954
-- Angekündigt für August 2013 --

This fourteenth-century Tibetan classic serves as an excellent introduction to basic Buddhism as practiced throughout India and Tibet and describes the process of entering the Buddhist path through study and reflection.
   It begins with setting forth the structure of Buddhist education and the range of its subjects, and we’re treated to a rousing litany of the merits of such instruction. We’re then introduced to the buddhas of our world and eon—three of whom have already lived, taught, and passed into transcendence—before examining in detail the fourth, our own Buddha Shakyamuni. Butön tells the story of Shakyamuni’s past lives and then presents the path the Buddha followed (the same that all buddhas must follow). After the Buddha’s story, Butön recounts three compilations of Buddhist scriptures and then quotes from sacred texts that foretell the lives and contributions of great Indian Buddhist masters, which he then relates, concluding with the tale of the eventual demise and disappearance of the Buddhist doctrine. The text ends with an account of the inception and spread of Buddhism in Tibet, focused mainly on the country’s kings and early adopters of the foreign faith. An afterword by Ngawang Zangpo, one of the translators, discusses and contextualizes Butön’s exemplary life, his turbulent times, and his prolific works. [Verlagsinformation]

Translator's Foreword by Lisa Stein. vii
Translator's Introduction by Ngawang Zangpo. xi
   1. A Buddhist Education. 3
   2. A General History of Buddhism in this World and in India. 89
   3. A History of Buddhism in Tibet. 277
Translator's Afterword: Butön's Life, Work, and Times by Ngawang Zangpo. 311
Appendix 1: An Outline of Text. 383
Appendix 2: A Short Biography of Butön Rinchen Drup. 389
Appendix 3: A Catalog of the Collected Works of Butön Rinchen Drup. 397
Notes. 411
Bibliography. 423
Index. 427.

NGAWANG ZANGPO (Hugh Leslie Thompson) completed two three-year retreats under the direction of the late Kalu Rinpoche. He is presently working on a number of translation projects under the direction of Chadral Rinpoche and Lama Tharchin Rinpoche. He has also contributed to Kalu Rinpoche's translation group's books Myriad Worlds and Buddhist Ethics.

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