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Siudmak: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Ancient Kashmir

Siudmak, John:
The Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Ancient Kashmir and its Influences / by John Siudmak. - Leiden and Boston : Brill, 2013. - XXXI, 514 S. : Ill. - (Handbook of Oriental Studies : Section 2, South Asia ; Vol. 28)
ISBN 978-90-04-24315-6
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The Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Ancient Kashmir and Its Influences is primarily based on the study of the largely unpublished corpus of sculpture, mostly of stone, in the Sri Pratap Singh Museum in Srinagar, and of other examples in situ elsewhere in the valley. The disparate nature and fragmentary condition of these sculptures as well as their artistic and iconographical influences have for long defied accurate analysis. The method used in the classification of these sculptures is based on close analysis of their style concentrating on recurring features such as facial and physical typology, modelling, dress and ornamentation. Comparisons are made with other examples of Kashmir bronze, ivory and stone sculpture in private and public collections both within India and abroad. [Verlagsinformation]

Acknowledgements. ix
Abbreviations. xi
List of Illustrations. xiii
Introduction. 1
1. Historical and Cultural Background of Kashmir up to 1003 AD. 9
2. Early Sculptures. 31
3. The Formative Period: Sculptures from Bijbihara of the Fifth and Sixth Centuries. 77
4. The Formative Period: Sculptures from Baramula of the Fifth to the Sixth Century. 131
5. Post-Gupta Influence: The Art of Pandrethan and Related Sculptures of the First Half of the Seventh Century. 197
6. The Emergence of the Classical Style: Buddhist Sculpture of the Seventh Century. 257
7. Buddhist Sculpture of the Eighth Century up till the end of the Kārkoṭa Period. 311
8. The Classical Style: Brahmanical Sculpture of the Kārkoṭa Period. 371
9. The Sculpture of Avantipura and the Art of the Utpalas up to the Beginning of the Lohara Dynasty (ca. 850-1003 AD). 429
Appendix: Kashmirian Literary Evidence for Multi-Headed Śiva Images. 497
Bibliography. 501
Index. 511

John Siudmak, D.Phil. (1994) Oxford University, is an independent scholar who has published many articles on the Hindu-Buddhist sculpture of Kashmir and related works in the northwest region of ancient india.

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