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Saving India's Medical Manuscripts

Gangadharan, G. G. [Hrsg.]:
Saving India's Medical Manuscripts / ed. by G.G. Gangadharan. - New Delhi : National Mission for Manuscripts ; Dev Publishers & Distributors, 2012. - xiv, 244 S. - (Samīkṣikā series ; 5)
ISBN 978-93-80829-10-4 / 978-81-904029-6-5
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DDC: 091; 016.610954

The National Mission for Manuscripts was established in February 2003 by the Ministry of Culture. Its purpose is to locate document preserve and disseminate the knowledge content of Indian manuscripts. While looking ahead to reconnect with the knowledge of the past the Mission is in the process of trying to re-contextualize the knowledge contained in manuscripts for the present and the future generations. The mission organizes seminars on various subjects related to Indian knowledge in different locations of India. The papers presented in the seminar are collected and brought out under the Samiksika series.
   In 2006 the mission organized a seminar on the theme saving India’s Medical Manuscripts in collaboration with FRLHT Bangalore. The Seminar dealt with various perspectives of Indian Medical manuscripts. The scholars and experts in the related field put forth their view interact and formulate plans for future research in the field. [Verlagsinformation]

Foreword. vii
Introduction. xi
Key to Transliteration. xv
1. M. A. Alwar and M. A. Ananth:
Development of Modern Tools for Deciphering Medicinal Manuscripts written in Grantha Scripts. 1
2. K. C. Chunekar:
Utility of Studies of Manuscripts to have a correct text for the correct identification of Drugs. 9
3. C. B. Patel:
Ayurveda The Probable Panacea for all the Modern Ills. 9
4. Usha M. Brahmachari:
Tambulamanjan A Rare work of Ayurveda on eating of Tambula. 15
5. Karunesh Shukla:
Medical Manuscripts at the rescue of Humanity. 25
6. M. Prabhakara Rao:
A Comprehensive Descriptive catalogue of medical Manuscripts in India: An Urgent Need. 33
7. S. D Kamat:
A Survey and Cataloguing of Ayurvedic Manuscripts in Gujarat State. 49
8. Vidyanand Singh:
Digital Documentation of the Manuscripts in the government Museum and Art Gallery Chandigarh, with Special Reference to the Manuscript of the Sundara Srngara. 57
9. P. L Shaji:
Hands on Technique for preservation of Manuscripts – One’s own experience. 63
10. M. N. Pushpa:
Plant resources and indigenous practices in the preservation of Manuscripts. 69
11. A. Periyasamy:
Palani: A Centre of Medical Manuscripts. 75
12. S. Prema:
An Overview of Siddha Literature from 200 BC to 2000 AD. 79
13. R. Jayalakshmi:
Siddha Medical Manuscripts in Tamil. 91
14. S. Prema and R. Devanathan:
Glimpse of Epics from Tamil Medical Manuscripts. 101
15. P. Visalakshy:
Ayurveda Tradition in Kerala. 109
16. W. Premanada Singh:
The Medical Books of Manipur. 117
17. Lokesh Chandra:
Glimpse of the History of Indo Tibetan Medicine. 127
18. Dominik Wujastyk:
Sanskrit Manuscript Collections Outside India with special reference to Ayurveda. 133


Dr. G. G. Gangadharan, a practicing Ayurvedic physician, is currently a Joint Director at Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT), based in Bangalore, India.

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Gangadharan: Saving India's Medical Manuscripts, 2012