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Partition of India

Roy, Kaushik [Hrsg.]:
Partition of India : why 1947? / ed. by Kaushik Roy. - New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2012. - xliii, 276 S. - (Oxford in India readings : Debates in Indian history and society)
ISBN 978-0-19-807760-2
Rs. 650,00
£ 27,50 (OUP UK)
DDC: 954.0359

The Partition of British India has left more questions than answers. In the wake of the violence and mayhem in the aftermath, there emerged looming questions: 'Why was India partitioned in 1947?' 'Was it inevitable?' This book chronicles the seminal studies by leading scholars to analyse the timing and causation of Partition.
   From first-hand accounts of the process of Partition to the reconstruction of the experiences of the subordinate and the marginal, this book presents balanced analyses of the process and events leading to the Partition. It locates long term imperatives in Hindu and Muslim revivalist movements of the nineteenth century regional factors with focus on the United Provinces, Punjab, and Bengal as well as the international contexts. The introduction connects the different threads and charts the historical development of the debate around Partition. [Verlagsinformation]

Kaushik Roy:
G.D. Khosla:
The parting of the ways
Satish Saberwal:
Concluding review
Gyanendra Pandey:
Nationalism versus Communalism
Francis Robinson:
Islam and Muslim separatism
Mushirul Hasan:
The local roots of the Pakistan movement: the Aligarh Muslim University
Partha Chatterjee:
The second partition of Bengal
Bidyut Chakrabarty:
The 1947 United Bengal Movement: a thesis without a synthesis
Indu Banga:
The Sikhs and the prospect of Pakistan
Anita Inder Singh:
The success of the Muslim League: June 1945 to March 1946
Penderel Moon:
Towards partition: the cabinet mission
Sucheta Mahajan:
Why Gandhi accepted the decision to partition India


Kaushik Roy teaches history at Presidency College, Kolkata. He is also an Associate Researcher at the Centre for the Study of Civil War at International Peace Research Institute, Oslo. Profile page (Oslo).

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Roy: Partition of India, 2012