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Orientalia Suecana 2011 -- Vol. 60

Orientalia Suecana
Orientalia Suecana / ed. by Éva Á. Csató … Guest editors: Alessandra Consolaro, Heinz Werner Wessler. - Vol. 60 (2011). - Uppsala : Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University, 2012. - 205 S.
ISSN 0078-6578
URN: urn:nbn:se:uu:diva-177278 (Online-Ausgabe)

Dissent in South Asian literary cultures, ed. by Heinz Werner Wessler and Alessandra Consolaro
Heinz Werner Wessler and Alessandra Consolaro:
Dissent in South Asian literary cultures, S. 7-8
Alessandra Consolaro:
Resistance in the postcolonial Hindi literary field: Mohan Dās by Uday Prakāś, S. 9-19
Annie Montaut:
Parody as positive dissent in Hindi theatre, S. 20-32
Christina Oesterheld:
Wie viel Lachen verträgt der Glaube? Urdu-Satiren in Pakistan, S. 33-48
Heinz Werner Wessler:
“Who am I?”: On the narrativity of identity and violence in Sheila Rohekar’s novel Tāvīz, S. 49-59
Laetitia Zecchini:
Strangeness and historicity against nativism: blurring frontiers of the nation in Arun Kolatkar’s poetry, S. 60-70
Guzel Strelkova:
Unknowable or Comprehensible - two attitudes to life and death in modern Hindi prose, S. 71-82
Thomas de Bruijn and Sunny Singh:
Q&A on Sunny Singh’s short story A Cup Full of Jasmine Oil, S. 83-96
Sunny Singh:
A Cup Full of Jasmine Oil, S. 97-100
Federico Squarcini:
Pāṣaṇḍin, vaitaṇḍika, vedanindaka and nāstika. On criticism, dissenters and polemics and the South Asian struggle for the semiotic primacy of veridiction, S. 101-115
Ashk P. Dahlén:
He addressed the Kayānian king: “I am a prophet!” - The Image of Zoroaster in the Dāstān-e Goshtāsp (Tale of Goshtāsp), S. 117-139
Forogh Hashabeiky:
Life, as I see it: A typology of the post-revolutionary Persian novel written by women, S. 140-150
Michael Reinhard Heß:
Qualified “heterodoxy” in a 17th century Ḥurūfī muḳaddime, S. 151-162
Johanna Lidén:
Buddhist and Daoist influences on Neo-Confucian thinkers and their claim of orthodoxy, S. 163-184
Anju Saxena:
The sound system of Nàvakat, S. 185-191
Book Reviews, S. 193-205
List of Contributors, S. 207-208

Quelle: Uppsala Universitet