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Narmadāparikramā - Circumambulation of the Narmadā River

Neuß, Jürgen:
Narmadāparikramā - Circumambulation of the Narmadā River : On the Tradition of a Unique Hindu Pilgrimage / Jürgen Neuß. - Leiden [u.a.] : Brill, 2012. - xxviii, 408 S. : Ill. - (Brill's Indological Library ; 42)
ISBN 978-90-04-22857-3 (Print-Ausg.)
ISBN 978-90-04-23028-6 (eBook)
EUR 131,00 / US$ 182,00
DDC: 294.53509543
-- Angekündigt für August 2012 --

In Narmadāparikramā. Circumambulation of the Narmadā River Jürgen Neuss offers for the first time a comprehensive study of the Narmadāparikramā, a singular Hindu pilgrimage, which comprises the complete circumambulation of the Central Indian river Narmadā. Following a brief general introduction, the first part of the book comprises a text-historical analysis of the Sanskrit texts which are traditionally regarded as the basis for this rite. The second part represents a synoptic translation of two modern pilgrims’ handbooks in Hindi, which link the mythological place names of the Sanskrit texts with actual geographical locations. Part three consists of synopses of available Sanskrit source texts, and the concluding part summarizes the many-fold findings and results of the study in thematically arranged maps. [Verlagsinformation]

Aus dem Inhalt
Introduction. 1
1. The Textual Tradition. 19
2. Narmadāparikramā Gazetteer. 77
3. Synopses of Sanskrit Source Texts. 271
Maps. 333
Appendices. 355
Bibliography. 371
Indices. 377

Jürgen Neuß, Ph.D. (2007), studied Indology at Berlin and Allahabad. He worked at Free University Berlin from 2000-2010, until the closure of the Indological Department was finalized. He has published a number of articles on different indological subjects. Homepage.

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Neuss: Narmadāparikramā - Circumambulation of the Narmadā River, 2012