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Gendering Colonial India

Gupta, Charu [Hrsg.]:
Gendering Colonial India : Reforms, Print, Caste and Communalism / ed. by Charu Gupta. - New Delhi, Orient Blackswan, 2012. - viii, 394 S. - (Critical Thinking in South Asian History)
ISBN 978-81-250-4472-7
Rs. 795,00
US$ 36,75 (D.K. Agencies)
US$ 50,40 (Bagchee)
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Drawing on contemporary critical theories and academic debates, Gendering Colonial India examines how notions of patriarchy were recast and challenged in colonial India between the early nineteenth and the first half of twentieth centuries. This definitive collection of essays analyses the close interaction between gender, caste and community identities.
   This volume brings out various regional complexities and lively public debates on social reforms for women and their impact on issues like sati, widow remarriage, domesticity, sexuality and education. It shows how women emerged as both objects and subjects of popular discourse and discussions. Simultaneously, the essays engage with concerns around masculinity, inter-caste intimacies and communal identities.
   The debates found multifaceted expression in an emerging dynamic popular-public sphere and also in a flourishing vernacular print culture. These in turn served as powerful tools for propagating dominant ideas about women and for fashioning national, regional and community identities.
   The three primary texts translated by J. Devika, Anshu Malhotra and Charu Gupta bring out the relationship, most often fraught, between popular literature, reforms and women.
   With contributions from both established and emerging feminist historians, this book will be an indispensible read for students and scholars of modern Indian history, colonialism, nationalism, gender studies and popular culture. [Verlagsinformation]

Charu Gupta:
Mrinalini Sinha:
Giving Masculinity a History: Some Contributions from the Historiography of Colonial India
Andrea Major:
Contested Sacrifice: Sati, Sovereignty and Social Reform in Colonial India
Tanika Sarkar:
Wicked Widows: Law and Faith in Nineteenth-Century Public Sphere Debates
Gail Minault:
Educated Muslim Women: Real and Ideal
J. Devika:
Re-inscribing ‘Womanliness’: Gendered Spaces and Public Debates in Early Modern Keralam
Anshu Malhotra:
Print and Bazaari Literature: Jhagrras/Kissas and Gendered Reform in Early Twentieth Century Punjab
Lata Singh:
Theatre and Gender in Colonial India: Foregrounding Actresses’ Question
Prem Chowdhry:
Fluctuating Fortunes of Wives: Creeping Rigidity in Inter-Caste Marriages in the Colonial Period
Anupama Rao:
Caste, Colonialism and the Reform of Gender: Perspective from Western India
Pradip Kumar Datta:
Women, Abductions and Religious Identities in Colonial Bengal
Nonica Datta:
Memory and History: A Daughter’s Testimony
Charu Gupta:
Archives and Sexuality: Vignettes from Colonial North India
Primary Texts
Womanliness: A Brief Commentary and Translation by J. Devika
Bhai Sadhu Singh:
Witches: That is the Siyapa of the Self-Willed Women A Brief Commentary and Translation by Anshu Malhotra
Shiv Sharma Mahopdeshak:
Women’s Education A Brief Commentary and Translation by Charu Gupta
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Notes on the Contributors


Charu Gupta is Associate Professor in the Department of History, University of Delhi. Profile page.

Quellen: Orient BlackSwan; Bagchee; D.K. Agencies; Scholars without Borders; WorldCat

Gupta: Gendering Colonial India, 2012