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Lives of Muslims in India

Shaban, Abdul [Hrsg.]:
Lives of Muslims in India : politics, exclusion and violence / ed. by Abdul Shaban. - New Delhi [u.a.] : Routledge, 2012. ca. 300 S.
ISBN 978-0-415-50851-3
Rs. 795 (Routledge India)
£ 65,00 (Routledge UK)
DDC: 305.6970954

The fast consolidating identities along religious and ethnic lines in recent years have considerably ‘minoritised’ Muslims in India. The wide-ranging essays in this volume focus on the intensified exclusionary practices against Indian Muslims, highlighting how, amidst a politics of violence, confusing policy frameworks on caste and class lines, and institutionalised riot systems, the community has also suffered from the lack of leadership from within. At the same time, they have emerged as a ‘mass’ around which the politics of ‘vote bank’, ‘appeasement’, ‘foreigners’, ‘Pakistanis within the country’, etc. are innovated and played upon, making them further apprehensive about asserting their legitimate right to development. The important issue of the double marginalisation of Muslim women and attempts to reform the Muslim Personal Law by some civil society groups is also discussed. Contributed by academics, activists and journalists, the articles thus discuss issues of integration, exclusion and violence, and attempt to understand categories like ‘identity’, ‘minority’, ‘multiculturalism’, and ‘nationalism’ with regard to and in the context of Indian Muslims. [Verlagsinformation]

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1. M. J. Akbar:
Minority and Minorityism: The Challenge before Indian Muslims
2. Markha Valenta:
The Muslim as Victim, The Muslim as Agent: On Islam as a Category of Analysis
3. Ranu Jain:
Locating Multiculturalism and Social Exclusion in the Liberal Democratic Framework
4. Ram Puniyani:
Muslims and Politics of Exclusion
5. Irfan Engineer:
Indian Muslims: Political Leadership, Mobilization, and Violence
6. Nistula Hebber:
Precedents and Exceptions: BJP’s engagement with the Muslims
7. Taha Abdul Rauf:
Structure of Violence and Muslims
8. R. B. Bhagat:
Hindu–Muslim Riots in India: A Demographic Perspective
9. Jyoti Punwani:
Police Conduct during Communal Riots: Evidence from 1992–93 Mumbai Riots and its Implications
10. Abdul Shaban:
Ethnic Politics, Muslims and Space in Contemporary Mumbai
11. Sanjukta Sattar:
Social Exclusion and Muslims of Kolkata
12. Noorjehan Safia Niaz and J. S. Apte:
Muslim Women and Law Reforms: Concerns and Initiatives of the Excluded within the Excluded
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ABDUL SHABAN is Associate Professor, Centre for Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Profile page.

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