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Beginning Urdu

Pien, Joshua H. [u.a.]:
Beginning Urdu : a complete course / Joshua H. Pien and Fauzia Farooqui. - Washington DC : Georgetown University Press, 2012. - ca. 464 S. + 1 Audio-CD
ISBN 978-1-58901-778-8
US$ 69,95 (Buch + CD)
ISBN 978-1-58901-801-3
US$ 9,95 (CD)
DDC: 491.43982421
-- Angekündigt für Juni 2012 --

Beginning Urdu is a complete first-year textbook designed to help learners acquire the language by actively using it in realistic situations. The book and its accompanying audio files on CD contain all that is needed to complete one full year of study, including clear explanations of language structures; useful, fun, and engaging activities; and an organizational format that makes it easy to chart student progress. [Verlagsinformation]

About Beginning Urdu
How to Use This Book: For Teachers
How to Use This Book: For Students
About the Urdu Language
Sound System and Script
Part I: Sound System
Part II: Script
Unit 1: Me and My School
   1. Introductions
   2. Me and My Classmates
   3. My Classroom
   4. Describing Classroom Items
   5. Giving Commands and Making Requests
   6. Unit 1 Review Activities
Unit 2: My Family and My Home
   7. Locating Places and Objects
   8. Identifying Family Members
   9. Describing Family Members
   10. My Home, My Possessions
   11. Making Comparisons
   12. Unit 2 Review Activities
Unit 3: Daily Life
   13. My Daily Routine
   14. My Day
   15. What's Happening: Reporting Live
   16. Weather and Climate
   17. Unit 3 Review Activities
Unit 4: In the Market
   18. Expressing Likes, Needs, and Desires
   19. Measures
   20. Choosing Items
   21. Discussing Prices
   22. Unit 4 Review Activities
Unit 5: My Childhood
   23. My Childhood Home
   24. Describing One's Childhood
   25. Describing a Scene in the Past
   26. Expressions of Time
   27. Unit 5 Review Activities
Unit 6: Rules and Responsibilities
   28. What We Can and Can't Do
   29. Expressing Compulsion
   30. Giving and Following Instructions
   31. Unit 6 Review Activities
Unit 7: A Trip to South Asia
   32. My Plans
   33. My Travel Plans: Definite and Possible
   34. Arranging Transportation and Lodging
   35. Finding One's Way
   36. Sharing Information about Locations in South Asia
   37. Unit 7 Review Activities
Unit 8: My Experiences
   38. My Weekend
   39. Narrating a Story
   40. My Experience and Accomplishments
   41. At the Doctor's
   42. Unit 8 Review Activities
Appendix 1: Numbers
Appendix 2: Grammar Supplement
Appendix 3: Additional Information for Teachers
Urdu-English Glossary
English-Urdu Glossary

JOSHUA H. PIEN is a faculty researcher and Hindi-Urdu language specialist at the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland. Previously he was an assistant professor of Hindi at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.
FAUZIA FAROOQUI teaches Urdu and Hindi at the University of Virginia. She has also taught Urdu at various other institutions, including the Defense Language Institute, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, and the American Institute of Indian Studies in Lucknow, India. Profile page. Homepage (Univ. of Michigan).

Quellen: Georgetown University Press; Amazon; WorldCat; Library of Congress

Pien/Farooqui: Beginning Urdu, 2012