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The Postcolonial Indian Novel in English

Ganapathy-Doré, Geetha:
The postcolonial Indian novel in English / by Geetha Ganapathy-Doré. - Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars, 2011. - XVI, 193 S.
ISBN 978-1-4438-2723-2
£ 39,99 / US$ 59,99
DDC: 823.91409954

Indian writers of English such as G. V. Desani, Salman Rushdie, Amit Chaudhuri, Amitav Ghosh, Vikram Seth, Allan Sealy, Shashi Tharoor, Arundhati Roy, Vikram Chandra and Jhumpa Lahiri have taken the potentialities of the novel form to new heights. Against the background of the genre’s macro-history, this study attempts to explain the stunning vitality, colourful diversity, and the outstanding but sometimes controversial success of postcolonial Indian novels in the light of ongoing debates in postcolonial studies. It analyses the warp and woof of the novelistic text through a cross-sectional scrutiny of the issues of democracy, the poetics of space, the times of empire, nation and globalization, self-writing in the auto/meta/docu-fictional modes, the musical, pictorial, cinematic and culinary intertextualities that run through this hyperpalimpsestic practice and the politics of gender, caste and language that gives it an inimitable stamp. This concise and readable survey gives us intimations of a truly world literature as imagined by Francophone writers because the postcolonial Indian novel is a concrete illustration of how “language liberated from its exclusive pact with the nation can enter into a dialogue with a vast polyphonic ensemble. [Verlagsinformation]

List of Illustrations. ix
Foreword / Sangeeta Ray. xi
Acknowledgements. xv
1. Postcolonialism, A Theoretical Overview. 1
2. From Rabelais to Rushdie, The New Democratic Order. 21
3. Self-Writing in the Postcolonial Indian Novel. 37
4. The Poetics of Space in the Postcolonial Indian Novel. 63
5. Entwined Times: Empire, Nation and Globalization. 95
6. A Hyper Palimpsest – The Text of the Postcolonial Indian Novel. 125
7. Making English an Indian Language. 143
8. That Elusive Literary Object – The Postcolonial Indian Novel. 159
Select Bibliography. 175
Appendices. 187
Index. 191

GEETHA GANAPATHY-DORÉ has been Associate Professor of English in the Law, Political and Social Sciences Faculty of the University of Paris 13 since 1997. Research accredited in postcolonial studies, she is also an editor and translator. Her essays, interviews and reviews have been published in Commonwealth, The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, The Journal of Postcolonial Literature, Rencontre avec l’Inde, South Asian Review and Wasafiri.

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