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The great temple at Thanjavur

Michell, George [u.a.]:
The great temple at Thanjavur : one thousand years, 1010-2010 / by George Michell and Indira V. Peterson. Photographs: Bharath Ramamrutham. - Mumbai [u.a.] : Marg Publications, 2010. - ca. 188 S. : Ill. (= Mārg, vol. 62, no. 1)
ISBN 978-93-805-8101-9
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A thousand years ago, the Brihadishvara temple at Thanjavur was consecrated by Rajaraja I Chola. This visionary monarch was the sponsor of what may be regarded as the greatest Hindu monument in the Tamil country. The genius of Rajaraja's architect, who conceived and executed this stupendous structural feat, and the multifarious talents of the artists employed to work on its stone carvings and mural piantings, are still apparent today. All phases of the temple's history are presented in this volume, which offers a comprehensive account of its architecture, sculptures, paintings and historical records, as well as its ritual and cultural life. [Verlagsinformation]

Foreword by S. Babaji Rajah Bhonsle
Preface and Acknowledgements
   Rajarajeshvaram: The Temple of Rajaraja's Lord
   Under the Later Cholas, Pandyas, and Nayakas
   The Marathas, the British, and the Brihadishvara
   Architectural Design, Construction, and Symbolism
   Art Traditions
   Arched Gateway, Gopuras, and Compound Walls
   Nandi Pavilion and Dhvaja-Stambha
   Main Temple: Architecture
   Main Temple: Sculptures
   Main Temple: Murals
   Brihannayaki and Nataraja Shrines
   Chandikeshvara Shrine
   Subrahmanya Shrine
   Ganapati and Karuvur Devar Shrines
   Chronology of Thanjavur Rulers
   Summary of Constructional History
   Note on Recent Conservation by Sathyabhama Badhreenath
   Literary References
   Select Bibliography


GEORGE MICHELL has been the co-director of the Vijayanagara Research Project. He has worked on a number of Marg volumes as guest editor.
INDIRA V. PETERSON is an expert in Tamil history and culture, and a contributor to Marg. She is David B. Truman Professor of Asian Studies, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass., USA. Profile page.

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