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Eine Auswahl von Dissertationen (2009)

Baums, Stefan
A Gandhari commentary of early Buddhist verses: British Library Kharoṣṭhi fragments, 7, 9, 13 and 18 / by Stefan Baums. - Ph.D., University of Washington, 2009; AAT 0822059 [Proquest/UMI]
[Nicht erhältlich über Proquest/UMI]

Brick, David James
The "Dānakāṇḍa" ("Book on Gifting") of the Kṛtyakalpataru: A critical edition and annotated translation / by David James Brick. - Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, 2009. - 577 S.; AAT 3389759 [Proquest/UMI]

Campbell, John R. B.
Vajra hermeneutics: A study of Vajrayana scholasticism in the "Pradipoddyotana" / by John R. B. Campbell. - Ph.D., Columbia University, 2009. - 404 S.; AAT 3374090 [Proquest/UMI]
[Unter Embargo bis August 2011]

Chhem, Rethy Kieth
Medecine et santé a Angkor : Pouvoir royal, compassion et offre medicale sous le regne de Jayavarman VII (1181-1220) / by Rethy Kieth Chhem. - Ph.D., Université de Montréal (Canada), 2009. - 281 S.; AAT NR57277 [Proquest/UMI]

Col, Cynthia
Picturing the canon the murals, sculpture and architecture of the Derge Parkhang / by Cynthia Col. - Ph.D., Graduate Theological Union, 2009. - 550 S.; AAT 3388826 [Proquest/UMI]

Cupchik, Jeffrey W.
The Tibetan Buddhist gcod ritual meditation practice: A study of the music, liturgy, transmission and performance / by Jeffrey W. Cupchik. - Ph.D., York University (Canada), 2009. - 523 S.; AAT NR51692 [Proquest/UMI]
[Nicht erhältlich über Proquest/UMI]

Finnegan, Damchö Diana
"For the sake of women, too": Ethics and gender in the narratives of the "Mulasarvastivada Vinaya" / by Damchö Diana Finnegan. - Ph.D., The University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2009. - 457 S.; AAT 3400114 [Proquest/UMI]

Gayley, Antonia Hollis
Agency and the rhetoric of destiny: Narrating the Buddhist revival in the lives and letters of Khandro Tare Lhamo (1938--2002) and Namtrul Jigme Phuntsok (1944-- ) / by Antonia Hollis Gayley. - Ph.D., Harvard University, 2009. - 554 S.; AAT 3385499 []
[Nicht erhältlich über Proquest/UMI]

Hatchell, Christopher Patrick
Naked seeing: The great perfection, the wheel of time, and visionary philosophy in Renaissance Tibet / by Christopher Patrick Hatchell. - Ph.D., University of Virginia, 2009. - 582 S.; AAT 3393528 []

Keng, Ching
Yogacara Buddhism transmitted or transformed? Paramartha (499--569) and his Chinese interpreters / by Ching Keng. - Ph.D., Harvard University, 2009. - 500 S.; AAT 3365508 []

Knutson, Jesse
The consolidation of literary registers in the world of the Senas and the beginning of its afterlife: Sanskrit and Bengali social poetics, 12th--14th century / by Jesse Knutson. - Ph.D., The University of Chicago, 2009. - 268 S.; AAT 3350905 []

Lee, Mei-huang
A study of the Gandhari Darukkhandhopamasutta ("Discourse on the Simile of the Log") / by Mei-huang Lee. - Ph.D., University of Washington, 2009; AAT 0821711 []
[Nicht erhältlich über Proquest/UMI]

Morrissey, Nicolas Michael
Śākyabhikṣus, palimpsests and the art of apostasy: The emergence and decline of Mahāyāna Buddhism in early medieval India / by Nicolas Michael Morrissey. - Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 2009. - 345 S.; AAT 3363926 []
[Nicht erhältlich über Proquest/UMI]

Scott, Joshua Barton
Divine exposures: Religion and imposture in colonial India / by Joshua Barton Scott. - Ph.D., Duke University, 2009. - 313 S.; AAT 3387162 []
[Nicht erhältlich über Proquest/UMI]

Takahashi, Kammie Morrison
Lamps for the mind: Illumination and innovation in dPal dbyangs's Mahayoga / by Kammie Morrison Takahashi. - Ph.D., University of Virginia, 2009. - 451 S.; AAT 3393540 []

Yamamoto, Carl Shigeo
Vision and violence: Lama Zhang and the dialectics of political authority and religious charisma in twelfth-century Central Tibet / by Carl Shigeo Yamamoto. - Ph.D., University of Virginia, 2009. - 454 S.; AAT 3362909 []